Rust Preventive Oils

Rolitone Oil’s rust preventive fluids are recommended for many industrial applications including general purpose rust protection to solvent based grades short to long term protection.
  • Hard Wax Film Anti-rust Oil

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    Hard Wax Film Anti-rust Oil

    hard wax film anti-rust oil The hard wax film anti-rust oil is prepared by special process such as film-forming agent, oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor, modified wax film and special solvent. It is a hard-film long-acting anti-rust oil. The rust film is dry and has a long...Read More

  • Economical Hard-film Anti-rust Oil

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    Economical Hard-film Anti-rust Oil

    economical hard-film anti-rust oil The anti-rust oil is prepared by special process such as mold-forming agent, oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor, modified wax film and special solvent. It is a hard-film long-acting anti-rust oil. The product has anti-rust film dry, long...Read More

  • High-performance Rust-proof Emulsified Oil

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    High-performance Rust-proof Emulsified Oil

    high-performance rust-proof emulsified oil Description The is a high-performance long-lasting rust-proof emulsified oil specially designed for processing ferrous metals and stainless steel. It has excellent lubricity and extreme pressure, and is suitable for various...Read More

  • Anti Rust Spray

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    Anti Rust Spray

    anti rush spray PECIAL PROPERTIES AND APPLICATION P-903 is a solvent-volatile anti-rust oil formulated with petro-solvent, film inhibitor and anti-rust additive. P-903 is suitable for process anti-rust protection of kinds of metals. Do not need to eliminate the oil film in...Read More

  • Anti Rust Products

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    Anti Rust Products

    Anti Rust Products P-904 is our newest generation barium free corrosion preventive and dewatering fluid that produces a thin, oily film. The new formulation considerably improves the performance of the product, providing better demulsifying and corrosion protective...Read More

  • Synthetic Coolant

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    Synthetic Coolant

    Synthetic Coolant Description PD-400 is a special fluid with excellent creeping and penetrating features for use in machinery used in the food and beverage processing and packaging industry. It is based on a careful blend of synthetic fluids and selected additives chosen for...Read More

  • Metal Rust inhibitor

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    Metal Rust inhibitor

    Metal Rust Inhibitor Description: P-907 is a brown, thixotropic and barium-free corrosion preventive oil with excellent deep drawing properties for the application in the steel industry. It is well known for the safe corrosion prevention, especially under extreme climate...Read More

  • Rust Corrosion inhibitor

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    Rust Corrosion inhibitor

    Rust Corrosion Inhibitor SPECIAL PROPERTIES AND APPLICATION. P-901 is a scientific and technical result of national “7.5”; key brainstorm project. It is formulated with petro-solvent, new film inhibitor and anti-rust additive. P-901 is used for pent-up anti-rust...Read More

  • Rust Preventive Oil

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    Rust Preventive Oil

    Rust Preventive Oil SPECIAL PROPERTIES AND APPLICATION. SW-013 is fortified with refined mineral oil, oilness additive, anti-rust additive and emulsifier. It has good stability and excellent lubricity, anti-rust, cooling and EP properties. It has long service life and can...Read More

  • Rust Prevention Spray

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    Rust Prevention Spray

    FEATURE: 1. With anti-rust, dehumidification, rust, lubrication, cleaning, conductivity and other six major functions, has more better maintenance effective. 2. In the maintenance of the surface components to form a tight protective film, isolated from the air and water, to...Read More

  • Rust inhibitor Spray

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    Rust inhibitor Spray

    FEATURES The product can be used for parts of the metal industry , agriculture, military ,home and so on. The product has good properties of anti salt-fog and drives out moisture and anti rust , protect metal parts from rust for a long time. The product can penetrate into the...Read More

  • Volatile Corrosion inhibitor Bag

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    Volatile Corrosion inhibitor Bag

    Stainless steel sink anti-rust oilRead More

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We are professional rust preventive oils manufacturers and suppliers in China and our factory provides high quality products not only for Asia market, but for all over the world. Welcome to wholesale the best rust preventive oils made in China from us.
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