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With A Good Quality Anti-rust Oil, Still Rust Failure?
Apr 11, 2018

Rust phenomenon


Causes of rust often occur:

1. Improper use of products;

2. Water erosion;

3. The storage environment is too humid;

4. Contact corrosion;

5. The parts have been corroded and rusted before rust prevention;

6. The storage environment contains corrosive gases (HCL, SO2, etc.);

7. The oil film is broken.


To apply the following general rules when using rust preventive oils:

The "five more" general rules

1. Thoroughly dispose of the surface of the workpiece before the rust prevention;

2. To provide a good storage environment as much as possible;

3. To choose the correct use of anti-rust oil;

4. To regularly test the standards of anti-rust oil use fluid;

5. To regularly remove the rust-proof oil using the bottom of the liquid impurities.


The "Five Don't" General Rules

1. Do not directly treat rust-proof parts with oil and moisture;

2. Do not seal the wet parts in a closed package;

3. Do not store parts without rust-proofing directly;

4. Do not store the rust-prevented workpiece in a humid environment;

5. Do not mix other oils with anti-rust oil.


According to the classification of anti-rust products, different types of anti-rust oil also have special attention in the use process. This article uses volatile anti-rust oil as an example.

Volatile anti-rust oil is formulated from volatile hydrocarbon compounds and various film formers and rust inhibitor additives. After being applied to the metal surface, the solvent evaporates leaving a uniform rust-proof film. The use of high volatilization rate, good film formation and excellent rust resistance.


Use volatile anti-rust oil need to pay attention to the following matters:

1. The surface of the workpiece must be kept clean and dry before smearing with rust preventive oil.

2. When applying anti-rust oil, the employee’s hands must not directly touch the workpiece, and should wear gloves or finger-tips;

3. Because the evaporation rate is not suitable for the soaking process, it will lead to evaporation loss and thickening of the oil film;

4. Anti-rust oil must not be mixed with other oils or solvents.

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