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Why The Hydraulic Oil Series Does Not Apply To The Construction Of Construction Machinery Hydraulic System
Aug 01, 2017

Why the Hydraulic Oil Series does not apply to the construction of construction machinery hydraulic system
  Over the years, the domestic construction of construction machinery such as bulldozer excavators (commonly known as hooks) and other hydraulic systems are using the usual series of hydraulic oil, there have been many failures, such as frequent damage to the hydraulic pump, hook arm action weakness, action lag and oil Warm too high, the user should be attributed to the quality of equipment. As a matter of fact, the structure and working conditions of the hydraulic systems of such construction machinery are very different from those of the conventional industrial hydraulic systems. The performance of the Hydraulic Oil Series does not meet the requirements. These differences are:
      In addition to the hydraulic system is responsible for the work of the hydraulic system, but also responsible for the work of many other units, especially the torque converter, which requires a high static friction coefficient of the liquid, and the usual series of static oil friction coefficient Very low, will make the hook arm action lag, prone to security incidents.
      ② construction engineering machinery work pressure, generally in the 21 ~ 35MPa, up to 42MPa, while the industrial hydraulic system pressure in the 15 ~ 25MPa, high pressure easy to make hydraulic pump wear fast, short life and early damage, which requires such Hydraulic Oil Series to have a higher anti-wear properties.
      ③ hooks engineering machinery are equipped with walking system, so the hydraulic system is compact, small fuel tank, no special oil cooler, working oil temperature is high, generally up to 80 ~ 100 ℃, and industrial hydraulic system with oil cooling device and temperature control System, the oil temperature is 50-70 ℃, the oil temperature is high to aggravate the oil oxidation, oil change period is shortened, therefore requires the oil to have the better oxidation stability.
      ④ construction of most of the construction machinery work in the outdoor site, wind and rain, sand dust, water and solid particles easy to enter the hydraulic system, and the piston pump with the gap between the precision, carrying particles of hydraulic oil will plunger pump wear And work can not be damaged, which requires oil filter performance is better.
      Therefore, the ordinary series of hydraulic oil can not meet the requirements of construction machinery, engineering machinery for the actual working environment requirements, research and development of construction machinery hydraulic system for oil, compared with other hydraulic oil engineering machinery anti-rust Hydraulic Oil Series HK more Good abrasion resistance, rust resistance, anti-emulsification, antioxidant stability, hydrolytic stability and thermal stability.
      Engineering machinery hydraulic oil wear resistance to achieve the highest level FZG-12 level, can effectively resist wear and tear. Has a good anti-emulsifying properties and corrosion resistance, effectively eliminate the phenomenon of rust rust inside the system. Conventional hydraulic oil in the construction machinery life of about 1000 hours, while the construction machinery anti-rust Hydraulic Oil Series HK contains a unique high temperature antioxidant, long-term use of oil color black, the replacement cycle in 1-2 years, than Conventional oil is 2-5 times longer.
      It is recommended to use engineering machinery anti-rust Hydraulic Oil Series HK46 / 68; excellent filtration and excellent water separation, air release and anti-foam are conducive to maintaining or improving the hydraulic system effectiveness.
      Day and night temperature difference and high temperature outdoor environment, recommend the use of engineering machinery anti-rust Hydraulic Oil Series HKS32 / 46/68 to extend the life of hydraulic oil and save maintenance costs. Can provide excellent viscosity control in extremely high mechanical stress and wide temperature range. In addition, the product offers outstanding protection and outstanding performance in most mobile devices where the ambient temperature or operating temperature fluctuates significantly.

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