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Why Industrial Gear Oils Than The Domestic Industrial Gear Oils Life Longer?
Sep 04, 2017

Why Industrial Gear Oils than the domestic Industrial Gear Oils life longer?
    Industrial Gear Oils in addition to its processing performance, the service life is also your metal processing manufacturers are very concerned about the elements. Why often have metal processing manufacturers, said they are currently using the Industrial Gear Oils products, there will be smelly, life is not long, and from the Internet search to our Industrial Gear Oils consultation? We Dongguan produced by the Industrial Gear Oils what excels, why life than the domestic general Industrial Gear Oils to long. The main reasons include the following three aspects:
    First, we prepare the metal industry gear oil used by the raw materials, most of the imports from abroad. In particular, fungicides, are generally added a better quality of the fungicide, can effectively improve the Industrial Gear Oils metamorphic problem.
    Second, the difference between the production process, our Industrial Gear Oils produced by the product is a separate production line using the way to avoid the production process and other materials mixed with the problem, to avoid because the outside world because of bacteria into the Industrial Gear Oils in.
    Third, the purchase of our Industrial Gear Oils products customers, we will provide professional advice and technical after-sales service. Emphasize that customers in the use of new Industrial Gear Oils before, must be on the tank and the relevant pipe to the first field sterilization clean, make the greatest possible to avoid bacteria into the metal industry gear oil.
 Industrial Gear Oils has a certain flushing performance, can be in the metal cutting process, the excess metal debris and impurities rinse. If the metal chip can not be discharged from the work area in time, cutting can not continue, on the one hand the chip will accumulate in the tool and the workpiece between the narrow space, so that cutting can not continue, especially in deep hole drilling the most typical.
    If the use of Industrial Gear Oils in the process of metal cutting, will affect the quality of cutting, such as the surface finish deterioration, reduce the cutting quality, grinding debris will be embedded in the sand between the hard sand sand contact with the workpiece The Finally, the chip can increase the wear and damage of the tool. Metal industrial gears reduce chip and workpiece and tool friction, speed up chip removal, but also through the liquid as a liquid metal Industrial Gear Oils flow, the chip from the work area in time to take away, some use of pressure Industrial Gear Oils Chip out; some make Industrial Gear Oils has a good settling performance. So that the fine debris quickly settling and not suspended in the Industrial Gear Oils and then recycled to the processing area.
    As can be seen from the above, the importance of Industrial Gear Oils in the metal processing process to provide the role of flushing. Therefore, in the process of metal processing must be a reasonable choice of the appropriate metal Industrial Gear Oils.
  Machinery manufacturing is divided into metal processing and parts assembly two categories, including metal processing, including metal cutting and metal plastic processing. In the process of metal processing often used Industrial Gear Oils.
    Metal cutting refers to the metal processing process, the use of tools and then in the cutting process to add Industrial Gear Oils, the excess part of the metal cut into smaller pieces of metal or metal sheet to remove from the main body to get people asked the metal shape Processing methods such as cars, milling, planing, grinding, sawing, drilling, hinging, tapping and so on.
    Metal plastic processing refers to the metal processing process, Industrial Gear Oils the external force of the plastic deformation of the metal to change the shape of the metal processing methods, the process is generally no or no metal chips are removed, so it is also known as less cutting , Such as calendering, stretching, forging, molding, drawing and other processing.
    Metal cutting processes generally use tool-like tools, the tool can be made of a variety of materials, the tip (not necessarily an acute angle) from the role of cutting metal. Metal plastic processing process generally use external force through a variety of molds to achieve the purpose. The geometry of the machined part of the mold always coincides with the geometry of the finished part of the finished product. Whether it is metal cutting, or metal plastic processing, in the processing process, most of the use of Industrial Gear Oils.

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