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When Using The Lathe In Summer, We Must Pay Attention To The Correct Choice And Use Of The Lubrication Industry
Oct 23, 2017

When using the lathe in summer, we must pay attention to the correct choice and use of the Lubrication Industry
First, the industrial Lubrication Industry is one of the most important criteria is the stability of oxidation and stability! Oil in the storage and use of the process, and air contact and oxidation is inevitable. The longer the contact time, the higher the temperature, the deeper the degree of oxidation, so that some of the properties of oil irreversible changes, such as acid value increases, increased viscosity, increased sediment, Lubrication Industry darker color, etc., these Changes greatly shorten the life of the oil. The oxidation stability of the oil used in the nature of the base oil, refining depth, the characteristics of additives and quality, compatibility, modulation process is closely related. So in the current high temperature of the bad environment, try to keep your equipment do not run too high, to avoid exposure and so on.
Second, due to the relatively high ambient temperature, equipment is often in a high temperature state, likely to cause the oil industry, rail oil and other rapid oxidation deterioration Lubrication Industry, viscosity decline, loss of lubrication. So the summer should pay special attention to equipment cooling system to ensure that it can work properly, to avoid high temperature overheating transmission.
Third, the viscosity of the Lubrication Industry changes with the temperature, that is, when the Lubrication Industry viscosity decreased, likely to cause excessive consumption of Lubrication Industry, so the summer should pay special attention to frequent inspection dipstick, if any defects in time supplement.
Fourth, often overload or compare the old lathe to the characteristics of attention to avoid the viscosity of the cutting oil is too low caused by low oil pressure, causing unnecessary failure. If abnormal should immediately stop to find the reasons, troubleshooting can continue to work.
5, anti-wear lubricants oil industry under normal circumstances should be between 30-80 degrees, if the temperature is too low, the viscosity of oil, poor mobility, resistance, low efficiency, if the oil temperature below 20 degrees When the sharp turn easily damage the hydraulic motor, valves, pipes and so on. If the Mian Shaoji hydraulic system oil temperature is too high, it will lead to lower viscosity of the Lubrication Industry, easy to cause leakage, efficiency, Oil quality deterioration, oil seal, high pressure hose and so on. The following scenarios can be used to address these issues:
① when the oil temperature is too low, we have to warm up operation, start the engine, no idle idle to 3-5min, the hydraulic brick to the engine speed to improve the engine speed, the handle of the work device to any action to the extreme , To maintain 3-5min so that the oil industry through the overflow temperature.
② If the oil temperature is too high, Lubrication Industry you need to increase the warm running time, brick machine equipment in the temperature exceeds the standard, pay attention to the radiator heat sink should not be oil pollution, to prevent dust attached to the effect of heat dissipation, hollow brick machine to keep enough oil Conducive to the circulation of oil heat, hot summer do not all day operation, to avoid the high temperature of the night production.
In the choice of non-water-soluble Lubrication Industry, should take into account two factors: processing methods and materials. Light load processing can be used with good anti-corrosion properties of mineral oil or straight-run mineral oil. For example, the workpiece is made of aluminum, aluminum and other easy to process non-ferrous metals, usually can use deep refining of low viscosity paraffin mineral oil, the main features of this oil is a good lubricity, cooling and low oil mist tendencies. For low-strength cylindrical cutting, drilling and other medium processing, as well as iron and non-ferrous metals and other general materials molding grinding, Lubrication Industry mineral oil must be added in the oil and chloride to improve its extreme pressure performance. In the reaming before the need to use chloride-containing oil. On the gear cutting, tapping, in addition to addition to chloride other than the need to add sulfurized fat. For very harsh machining, as well as difficult to process materials, generally need to add active sulfur components, but the processing of copper and its alloys and other yellow metal, you can not add active sulfur. The choice of water-soluble Lubrication Industry is mainly based on its use conditions.

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