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When Buying Lubrication Industry To Be Aware: Low Level Lubrication Industry Is Harmful
Jul 20, 2017

When buying Lubrication Industry to be aware: low level Lubrication Industry is harmful

In the aspect of exhaust emissions, China faces a serious situation. According to incomplete statistics, under the current euro III standard, vehicle emissions percent of pass is still less than 70% in our country, in terms of predominantly diesel commercial vehicles, percent of pass is more low, even less than 50%. And has long been a country is very strict to the requirement of engine manufacturing enterprises, especially several important domestic diesel engine manufacturers, such as some companies for meet the requirements of emission regulations, its products are generally able to achieve the emission standards stipulated by the state. Oil industry experts have pointed out that the use of low-grade fuel oil and Lubrication Industry is the root cause of the failure of the exhaust.

The use of low - level lubricants is very harmful. In terms of environment, due to the use of low level of Lubrication Industry and the emission of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds and particulate matter has become residents environmental air quality and health level of the main pollution sources. In Shanghai, for example, the "contribution" proportion of all pollution sources in the central city of Shanghai is 66%, 90% and 26%, using the low-grade Lubrication Industry. For the car itself, the low-grade Lubrication Industry is more harmful. Gasoline engine of ternary catalysts for sulfur and phosphorus is a tall order, harmful substance content is higher in low level oil industry, will poison three yuan in metal catalysts, make failure; In addition to the diesel engine Lubrication Industry requirements of low sulfur, low phosphorus, NOx to reduce nitrogen oxides and particulate matter PM also have strict requirements, if the Lubrication Industry level is low, can cause serious influence on the engine. In addition, the low level of Lubrication Industry will generate more wear and corrosion of automobile Lubrication Industry and the consumption of fuel oil and air leakage, moreover lead to waste oil increases, increase vehicle maintenance costs.

At present, China's Lubrication Industry market is still dominated by CD level, unable to meet the requirements of the country IV standard to be implemented. At present, only a few enterprises in domestic Lubrication Industry have the ability to produce the highest level lubricating oil products in the API standard.

The high level Lubrication Industry "sill" in price

The use of the high - level Lubrication Industry is a trend in the future, and most of the domestic engine plants and car factories have been designated to use the cf-4 level and above - level Lubrication Industry. But there are some CD - class lubricants that still appeal to consumers for their low prices. Many truckers, for their sake, prefer to opt for lower-priced, cd-rated lubricants, rather than switching to the engine's diesel fuel level. This is not only serious damage to the truck itself, but it will also be banned by the law as the country IV standards are implemented.

In fact, the regulation promotion is only one aspect, to promote the use of the high grade Lubrication Industry is the key to the Lubrication Industry enterprises to provide more acceptable products to consumers on the cost of performance.

At present, the benefits on the various oil additives on the market is very hot, and the sale of a variety of anti-wear agent, cleaning agent, also many car owners should give their car use additives was also unable to agree.

Lubrication Industry think about it, because each brand oil have certain standards, not any a kind of additive and any oil miscibility, if not after China's entry into wto miscibility or with the original oil composition of chemical reaction, is likely to cause the changing nature of the oil industry, which reduces the efficiency of lubrication system, such as deterioration of oil product, aggravate the mechanical wear and tear. Are made by companies such as well-known Lubrication Industry exclusive patented technology of base oil and additive in high-tech to reconcile, to maintain the oxidation stability of lube oil industry, enhance the abrasion resistance and oil can have very good effect. Therefore, he believes that the car owner does not need to use additive in general.

Therefore, in the maintenance of the vehicle must not take for granted, scientific maintenance is the true love car road.

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