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What Are The Reasons Why The Temperature Of The Industrial Gear Oils Becomes High In Use?
Oct 12, 2017

When the gearbox of a mechanical device is used, there may be cases where the oil temperature is abnormal. Here are some of the reasons why the Industrial Gear Oils in the use of temperature will become high?
1, the new gear box, due to the need for a certain running time, the equipment has not yet entered the normal wear and tear stage, there is a large wear and tear, causing tooth surface temperature rise, this temperature is the normal operation of the equipment must be the stage. So the new gear box of the first oil change period is shorter, through the oil will be washed down the abrasive out.
2, gear box load is too large, oil film rupture, wear failure tendency. Gears between the friction, wear a larger, causing tooth surface temperature rise. Should be based on the load conditions to select the appropriate viscosity level or appropriate load level of oil, such as the use of extreme pressure Industrial Gear Oils and high viscosity oil is good for lubrication, but at the same time with poor cooling effect of negative effects.
3, too much oil, oil level is too high, resulting in normal cooling gear affected. Note: excessive or too little oil will affect the cooling effect.
4, the selected Industrial Gear Oils viscosity is too large, causing heat dissipation difficult. Due to the high viscosity of the oil itself, the heat transfer effect of the lower viscosity of the oil is poor, the temperature rise will be lower viscosity oil significantly. Therefore, in the case of selecting the appropriate load level, should try to choose low viscosity Industrial Gear Oils. Low viscosity oil also has a tendency to save energy.
Cooling performance. In the metal cutting process, the energy consumed, the vast majority (more than 90%) are converted into cutting heat, it not only make the tool easy to wear, and the workpiece prone to local burns or dark, affecting the workpiece surface processing Precision and processing quality. Therefore, the requirements of water-soluble Industrial Gear Oils must have a good cooling performance.
Lubrication performance. The cutting tool in the moment of cutting the workpiece is usually subjected to great cutting force. The good lubrication performance of the water-soluble Industrial Gear Oils can reduce the friction between the razor face and the chip, the flank face and the workpiece surface. The tool life, so that the workpiece to obtain good processing accuracy and roughness; more important is to reduce the cutting process to produce BUE (ie, tumor) opportunities.
Cleaning performance. Metal in the cutting (or grinding) process, oil, small chips, metal powder and grinding wheel sand and other bonding, and adhesion in the workpiece, tool and machine tools, affecting the processing quality of the workpiece, reducing the use of tools and grinding wheel Life, affecting the accuracy of the machine. Therefore, the water-soluble cutting fluid should have a good cleaning effect, to reduce the small chips and metal powder bonding to facilitate cleaning, and quickly the small chips and metal powder and other timely washed away.
Anti - rust performance. Water-soluble Industrial Gear Oils in the course of the use of water (about 80% -98%), for the production of corrosion provides a favorable environment, and water-soluble Industrial Gear Oils extreme pressure and some surfactants Tend to exacerbate the corrosion of metal; the same time, water-soluble Industrial Gear Oils must have a certain anti-rust performance, so that the workpiece in the processing and processing after a short period of time does not produce corrosion; the same time, water-soluble Industrial Gear Oils good rust Performance, but also to ensure that the cutting fluid circulation system and the machine does not produce corrosion and corrosion within the phenomenon, play the function of maintenance equipment.
At the same time, because the composition of water-soluble Industrial Gear Oils, such as surfactants, base oils, oily and fungicides, and its application with water characteristics of the requirements of water-soluble Industrial Gear Oils must also have a good resistance Bubble / defoaming, antibacterial properties, and low toxicity / non-toxic, hard water adaptability and odor and so on.

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