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What Are The Reasons For The High Temperature Of Industrial Gear Oils In Use?
Aug 10, 2017

What are the reasons for the high temperature of Industrial Gear Oils in use?
When the gearbox of the mechanical equipment is used, there may be cases where the oil temperature is abnormal. Here are some of the reasons why the temperature of the Industrial Gear Oils  in the use of high
1, the new gear box, due to the need for a certain running time, the equipment has not yet entered the normal wear stage, there is a large wear and tear, causing tooth surface temperature rise, this temperature is the normal operation of the equipment must be the stage. So the new gear box for the first time the oil change is short, by changing the oil will be washed out of the abrasive.
2, gear box load is too large, oil film rupture, wear failure tendency. Gears between the friction, wear a larger, causing tooth surface temperature rise. Should be based on the load situation to select the appropriate viscosity level or the appropriate load level of oil, such as the choice of extreme pressure Industrial Gear Oils  and high viscosity oil is good for lubrication, but at the same time with poor cooling effect of negative effects.
3, too much oil, oil level is too high, resulting in normal cooling gear affected. Note: too much or too little oil will affect the cooling effect.
4, the selected Industrial Gear Oils  viscosity is too large, causing heat difficulties. Due to the high viscosity of the oil itself, the heat transfer effect of the lower viscosity of the oil is poor, the temperature rise will be lower viscosity oil significantly. Therefore, in the case of the choice of the appropriate load level, should try to choose low viscosity Industrial Gear Oils . Low viscosity of the oil also has a tendency to save energy.
The factors that should be considered in selecting Industrial Gear Oils s
(1) Viscosity
The higher the speed of the compressor, the greater the viscosity of the Industrial Gear Oils  should be used, the actual use of low-speed vertical twin-cylinder compressor can use L-DRAl5 frozen oil, medium and high speed multi-cylinder compressor should use L-DRA22 Or L-DRA32 refrigeration oil, some high-speed heavy-duty compressor heat, oil temperature is high, the temperature is high, it is best to use L-DRA46 or L-DJRA68 frozen oil.
(2) thermal stability
The thermal stability is generally measured by the flash point of the Industrial Gear Oils . Flash point refers to the Industrial Gear Oils  steam after the fire flash temperature. The flash point of Industrial Gear Oils  must be higher than the exhaust temperature of the compressor, such as R717, R12, R22 compressor industrial flash oil used in the flash point should be above 160 ℃.
(3) liquidity
The Industrial Gear Oils  should have good flowability at low temperature. In the evaporator, due to the low temperature, the viscosity of the oil increases and the fluidity becomes worse. When the temperature reaches the temperature, the Industrial Gear Oils  stops flowing, and the temperature is oil Of the freezing point. The Industrial Gear Oils  of the chiller requires a lower freezing point, especially for cryogenic chillers. Otherwise the mobility is reduced, both affect the heat transfer of the evaporator and affect the lubrication of the machine. The freezing point of each kind of freezing oil is below -40 ℃, can meet the general use of the refrigerator needs. Evaporation temperature and then low, you can use precision instrument oil, the freezing point is generally not higher than -60 ℃.
(4) Solubility
All kinds of refrigerant and Industrial Gear Oils  is not the same, roughly divided into three categories: one for each other insoluble, one for each other infinite dissolution, and then one is between the above two. The advantages and disadvantages of solubility are discussed in the section on refrigerants and are not repeated here.

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