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Water Soluble Cutting Fluid-- Corrosion And Maintenance Management Of Machine Tools
Dec 26, 2017

一、Machine tool corrosion

Water soluble cutting fluid has good cooling performance, but the damage to machine tool can not be ignored. The corrosion of water in water-soluble cutting fluid is small and small, and its harm degree is gradually increased and it is long and difficult to attract users' attention. Even if the damage is to the degree of failure, users generally won't take into consideration the problem of cutting fluid. Such accumulation of corrosion will lead to the reduction of machining accuracy, thus greatly shortening the service life of the machine tool until it is scrapped. The harmfulness mainly has the following aspects:

1、 Water has a poor lubrication performance and can wash away the lubricating oil of the machine and the grease of the sealed bearing.

2、 Corrosion of metal surface, water soluble cutting fluid has added anti-corrosion components, but only for the workpiece being processed, it has little effect on the machine tool. The function of corrosion inhibitor is to make the workpiece surface to produce the maximum chemical passivation. When the machine work, due to the evaporation of water through the cutting fluid, air relative humidity in the machine workspace is as high as 100%, after the machine stops working, condensation of moisture in the air on the surface of the metal that machine into water, corrosion of machine tool is difficult to avoid.

3、 Water in water-soluble cutting fluid is a kind of electrolyte, and different machine tools of internal materials can become potential "accumulators". When the water soluble cutting fluid infiltrates, the water in the cutting fluid may cause the electric erosion of the different metals which are exposed to each other. The electric erosion may cause rust, the light influence the precision of the machine tool, and the operation is difficult. Heavy machine tools cannot be used.

4、 The bacteria in water-soluble cutting fluid are another cause of corrosion and can accelerate corrosion. Cutting fluid in the high content of bacteria, can change the cutting fluid in the chemical properties of the rust preventer, invalid, what is more, bacteria breeding can lead to corrosion, corrosion rate between the machine components significantly increased. If the water quality that is used to dilute the cutting concentrate is poor and contains more minerals, the likelihood of corrosion is greatly increased.

5、 The cutting fluid can also affect the elastomers such as ring, gasket, sealing ring and so on.


二、Corrosion control and elimination

Obviously, using water-soluble cutting fluid, the user needs more effort than necessary to maintain and manage the machine, to control the corrosion, and even eliminate the corrosion basically.

1、In order to prevent the surface corrosion of the metal, the machine should be lubricated enough, and apply grease to the important parts of the machine.

2、To accurately control the concentration of the cutting fluid, wash the surface of the machine with cutting fluid when the machine is stopped, and open the hood to remove the damp air in the machine work area.

3、In order to prevent the occurrence of electrical erosion, a waterproof lubrication grease should be applied on the metal surface. And the machine should be grounded strictly, it is not enough to make the electrical cabinet grounding.

4、To avoid the breeding and reproduction of bacteria, clean or replace the cutting fluid regularly, remove the cuttings in time, and dilute the concentrated solution with soft water (low mineral water).

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