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Use Of Industrial Gear Oils Should Pay Attention To The Mistake
Jul 20, 2017

Use of Industrial Gear Oils should pay attention to the mistake

Myth 1: price is Paramount

Many consumers listed price factors as the primary consideration for the purchase of Industrial Gear Oils, which only cost less, but ignored the identification of products. It is easy to take advantage of the bad oil.

The correct method: the Industrial Gear Oils is mixed in the market at present, it is more intuitive to identify Industrial Gear Oils through price. Because of the different purchase channels, rental fees and so on, the price of the general automobile distribution city is often less than 4 S. However, when the balance is low about 20%, you should be wary of the fake. In addition, see whether the product packaging is clean and beautiful, no oil pollution; Whether the seal is a disposable lid, or whether there is a special anti-counterfeiting mark on the seal. Whether the product is transparent and free of impurities, no suspensions, no sediment; Whether fluidity is good when shaking; Whether the smell is mild is also a simple way to identify authenticity.

Mistake two: "love" foreign oil

Some car friends regard the brand as the primary criterion for selecting Industrial Gear Oils, and some of them show that they only recognize the foreign brands and have less trust in the quality of domestic Industrial Gear Oils.

The right thing to do: it is not advisable to use the brand as the standard of choice. Oil should be selected primarily for oil grade. On the current international common according to the American petroleum institute (P I) A quality standard of classification, according to the working ability of Industrial Gear Oils oil can be divided into grade A to S L, S letter for every increment, on behalf of the high level of quality. At present, famous brands such as "Great Wall" and "uniform" in China have already passed S L standard A P I certification. Therefore, for the same level of Industrial Gear Oils, foreign brands have similar performance with domestic brands, and domestic brands are relatively cheap. Therefore, you don't have to be a "superstitious" foreign brand.

Myth 3: the thicker the better

Some consumers say that to achieve better lubrication, the choice of Industrial Gear Oils is usually preferable to a more viscous oil.

The correct way: the oil viscosity is too low and easy to cause lubrication, some car friends to avoid this situation, think the oil is more sticky the better. This is actually an outdated view. The Industrial Gear Oils used in the past is lubricated by oil film, and the thickness of the oil film determines the strength of the lubrication. The thicker the oil film, the better the lubrication effect of Industrial Gear Oils.

Now Industrial Gear Oils relies mainly on additives to lubricate, and no longer depends on thick oil film, so the idea of "thicker and better" is no longer applicable. Moreover, the lower the viscosity of oil resistance is smaller, the more easy to start, the less energy consumption, so under the premise of meeting the lubrication requirement now increasingly go low viscosity Industrial Gear Oils with the purpose of energy saving. In addition, the high viscosity Industrial Gear Oils is low in temperature and the pump is bad, and the oil speed is slow after the start, which will increase the wear and tear. Therefore, to ensure reliable lubrication, the correct method is to choose the appropriate Industrial Gear Oils.

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