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Use Metal Working Fluid To Prevent Skin Irritation
Aug 22, 2017

Use Metal Working Fluid to prevent skin irritation

Hot weather, skin allergies have increased today on the skin allergy allergies with you to talk about: how to correctly use metalworking fluid (oil), to prevent skin allergies.

The metal cutting process requires all relevant personnel, such as the attention and concern of the operator, the assembler, the plant manager. Because of our daily exposure to oil, chemicals, harmful metal particles, we must pay attention to determine these will not cause health hazards. In the cutting oil, Metal Working Fluid processing, to ensure that personal health should pay attention to the following points: the operator for the health of the attitude, the correct control, the correct workplace design, so that operators will not be exposed to danger. Dong Di Ba Weier cutting oil Metal Working Fluid, will fully understand the health concerns of metal processing operations, so within the scope of their knowledge, and limited range of optional raw materials, cutting oil ingredients on the health of the People's harm to a minimum. But in fact, there is no substance to ensure that in any environment, no one has any side effects. Especially in six days a week, eight hours a day long exposure. In cutting oil, the problem is that foreign pollutants will go to the cutting oil. Oil, chemicals and other cutting oil contaminants may be ingested into the body by ingestion, inhalation, or contact with skin and eyes. For metal cutting workers, the most common is skin contact.

There are many sources that cause skin problems such as bacterial or viral infections, spread of lice or scabies, different types of burns and dermatitis.

If an employee is often suffering from dermatitis, and he often and Metal Working Fluid cutting oil contact, if he made some medical tests, we can often determine that he is allergic to chemicals or oil, not suitable for working with metal Cutting related work. The remaining 60% to 70% of the contact dermatitis is caused by exposure to irritants, which include the use of metal cutting oil Metal Working Fluid when the various skin discomfort occurred.

The ability of the substance to stimulate the skin varies with the contact time, the nature of the substance, the amount of contact, the location, the thickness of the skin, and the condition of the skin.

For most people, short and occasional contact with the cutting oil metalworking fluid, coupled with good personal hygiene habits, should not have any problems. In any case, every day and cutting oil contact, working six days a week, in this environment, naturally increase the chance of skin problems. If good protection measures and precautions are taken, most of the operators will not have any skin problems in their lifetime career.

 Due to water-based Metal Working Fluid itself, some of the limitations, the use of a lot of problems. These problems arise from a number of objective factors including temperature, water quality, raw material quality, the use of working conditions, the habit of operators and so on. For some of the problems to provide some solutions and solutions for your reference.

Metal Working Fluid hand injury characteristics are: hand peeling, skin rash, blistering, inflammation, itching, wound ulceration, etc., to solve these needs to understand the various components of Metal Working Fluid.

1, for the hand peeling this situation, with the Metal Working Fluid pH there is a great relationship, too high will appear this feature, the general processing of cast iron, steel Metal Working Fluid pH as much as possible to maintain the 8.5- 9.5, for the aluminum Metal Working Fluid working fluid pH should be maintained between 8.5-9.0 appropriate. Such as reducing the amount of triethanolamine used.

2, for other symptoms of the skin on the hand. With the Metal Working Fluid in the fungicide, the use of fungicides is too high to stimulate the skin, inflammation, triazine fungicides such as (BK) mechanism of action is a bacterial decomposition of fungicides to produce formaldehyde, formaldehyde has anti-corrosion sterilization effect. Formaldehyde will stimulate the skin, the emergence of inflammation, so the use of such fungicides should not be too high, and too much use of sodium nitrite will stimulate the skin, itching, ulceration. In addition, do not rule out other reasons, such as the operator's physical, skin allergies and other factors.

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