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The Way To Health Hazards Of Industrial Gear Oils Products
Jun 23, 2017

The Way to Health Hazards of Industrial Gear Oils Products
Long time to use Industrial Gear Oils, and the need for liquid containing sodium nitrite, commonly known as alkali. Will cause the user to hand skin peeling, dry. If there is a wound in the hands, it will make the wound difficult to heal. It is recommended to use environmentally friendly Industrial Gear Oils will be better.
Industrial Gear Oils on human health hazards mainly through two ways:
1, metal Industrial Gear Oils and the operator in direct contact with the skin: Industrial Gear Oils caused by 80% of the occupational disease is formed through this way. Water-soluble Industrial Gear Oils and oil-soluble Industrial Gear Oils on the skin hazards are different.
It is generally believed that oil-soluble Industrial Gear Oils easily leads to oil acne, folliculitis, keratosis and skin cancer. Among them, oil acne is the most common, it is due to skin contact with oil and hinder the skin pores, leading to the formation of puffs inflammation. When metal debris, wheel particles, oxide particles and rust particles contact with the skin hinder the skin pores, causing rash, will induce folliculitis. Skin cancer and keratosis are mainly caused by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).
Water-soluble Industrial Gear Oilss easily lead to irritating dermatitis and allergic dermatitis. Stimulating contact dermatitis is caused by the local toxic effects of epidermal cells caused by inflammation. Anaphylactic dermatitis is an inflammatory response caused by antigen stimulation in the skin, which is an important cause of eczema in workers who treat Industrial Gear Oilss.
2, the operator through the intake of industrial gears formed by the smoke: oil-soluble Industrial Gear Oils oil mist and water-soluble Industrial Gear Oils vaporization of micro-liquid droplets to stimulate the respiratory mucosa can cause inflammation, smoke irritating odor And Industrial Gear Oils corruption caused by the stench of the respiratory tract will also be harmful.
3, how to harm the Industrial Gear Oils to a minimum
This is a very important and difficult to solve the problem. The most direct and effective way to solve the problem of Industrial Gear Oils is to use less green processing technology without Industrial Gear Oils. People in the search for a new cutting lubrication cooling technology in the process, carried out a number of useful attempts to develop a variety of green manufacturing technology: dry cutting, low temperature cooling, cold air cooling, etc. to reduce the health hazards.
Industrial Gear Oils deterioration of the main reason is: Industrial Gear Oils contains a large number of bacteria, Industrial Gear Oils bacteria are mainly oxygen and anaerobic bacteria. Oxygen consumption in the mineral environment, such as water, Industrial Gear Oils concentrate and machine leakage of oil, in aerobic conditions, every 20 ~ 30min split into two. And anaerobic bacteria in the absence of oxygen in the environment, split into two per hour, metabolic release of SO2, smell of rotten eggs, Industrial Gear Oils black. When the Industrial Gear Oils in the bacteria is greater than 106, the Industrial Gear Oils will become smelly.

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