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The Advantages Of Good Compressor Oils Series Are Obvious
Sep 22, 2017

The advantages of good Compressor Oils Series are obvious
Good quality lubricants is a variety of engine cover effect of the product, the formula has been included in a variety of additives, including anti-wear agent, and lubricants most emphasis on the balance of formula to ensure the full performance of various play. Add their own additives, not only can not give the car to cover, but easy to react with the chemical substances in the oil, resulting in the overall performance of oil landing.
The lubrication of the Compressor Oils Series during the cutting process can reduce the friction between the rake face and the chip, the flank face and the machined surface to form part of the lubricating film, thereby reducing the cutting force, friction and power consumption, Workpiece surface friction surface temperature and tool wear, improve the workpiece material cutting performance.
Dry cutting is not the use of any Compressor Oils Series processing, it can fundamentally eliminate the traditional wet processing easy to pollute the environment of the drawbacks of cutting technology is a profound revolution. As dry cutting is in line with today's requirements for green manufacturing technology, it is a very promising new cutting technology. But dry cutting with high temperature, cutting force and other characteristics, but also the emergence of a series of wet processing is not the problem. At present, dry cutting technology is still very immature, its application is also very limited.
It is well known that Compressor Oils Series play a particularly critical role in machining, and are widely used by cutting centers because Compressor Oils Series have many excellent properties such as cooling, Lubrication, cleaning, rust and other effects, but the Compressor Oils Series anti-rust performance is particularly important for the workpiece. The reason is that after processing the workpiece may not be able to carry out the next process, which requires the workpiece has a certain corrosion resistance, can be stored for some time not rust. The following describes in detail the Compressor Oils Series anti-rust performance, in order to better improve the quality of cutting the workpiece processing.
    There are many types of Compressor Oils Series on the market, the performance is also different, the use of manufacturers according to the quality requirements of the workpiece to choose the right cutting products for cutting, that cutting processing center based on what choice of Compressor Oils Series? What Compressor Oils Series (Such as air, moisture, hand sweat, etc.) corrosion, the following is to determine what the Compressor Oils Series anti-rust performance is better, so that the corrosion of the workpiece, machine tools and tools from the surrounding media (such as air, moisture, hand sweat, etc.) Of the method, the choice of cutting center can refer to. Glass Compressor Oils Series
    In the case of uncertain Compressor Oils Series performance, a small amount of cutting products can be tried on the workpiece, after the completion of the process to see whether to meet the requirements of rust, the specific operation, such as with white paper on the plane, with Compressor Oils Series After the bubble) on the white paper, with a cup buckle (full buckle), to maintain moisture moisture to see a few days or hours after the white paper rust.
    Compressor Oils Series rust resistance mechanism is the Compressor Oils Series adsorption film of the firmness of different, its anti-rust effect is also different. Adsorption of a solid material of its anti-rust better. The firmness of the adsorbent film depends on the performance of the adsorption force of the Compressor Oils Series. Adsorption can be divided into physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. Chemical adsorption film than the physical adsorption film firmly, and thus can form a chemical adsorption of metal with the material of its anti-rust better. The same is the physical adsorption, polar molecules non-polar molecules adsorbed firmly; polar molecules formed by the lubricating film, the firmness depends on the polar molecules of the polar group strength, the stronger the polarity, the formation of the The more sensitive the film is.

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