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Talking About The Period Of Use And The Treatment Of Industrial Gear Oils For Air Compressor
Aug 01, 2017

Talking about the Period of Use and the Treatment of Industrial Gear Oils for Air Compressor
     Air compressor Industrial Gear Oils life is mostly determined by its own base oil category. Industrial Gear Oils manufacturers to set the use of the cycle is generally the standard operating conditions for air compressor (clean air, operating temperature within 95 degrees, the normal operation of air compressor, etc.), harsh conditions will shorten the life of Industrial Gear Oils. In the aftermarket, you must understand the history of the air compressor oil, if the previous Industrial Gear Oils problems or the use of the industry is not a regular brand of Industrial Gear Oils, please tell the engineers to properly handle the United States. Because the inferior Industrial Gear Oils oxide will remain in the machine, seriously affecting the life of new oil. Want to understand the common problems and deal with it, you can first understand the basic knowledge of air compressor Industrial Gear Oils.
   First, the air compressor Industrial Gear Oils several important indicators
       1, flash point: in the Industrial Gear Oils contact flame, the occurrence of fire within three seconds when the temperature. The higher the better
       2, the ignition point: the temperature in the Industrial Gear Oils is ignited. The higher the better
       3, viscosity: at 40 degrees Celsius, the Industrial Gear Oils flow rate, screw air compressor are generally 46, only a small number of air compressor brand with 32, such as Japan's Kobelco, Hitachi and the United States Sullair. Test whether the Industrial Gear Oils oxidation or whether it has been to life, to see changes in viscosity, mineral oil generally can not exceed 15%, such as more than a long time to use will be knot or carbon.
       4, viscosity index: Industrial Gear Oils by changing the temperature change viscosity index. The higher the better the index of mineral oil is generally less than 120
       5, pour point: Industrial Gear Oils in the flow of the minimum temperature, pour the lower the better. Such as mineral oil pour point in minus 19 degrees --- 21 degrees or so. Such as China's northern cold regions, the winter temperature is low, the pour point of mineral oil is high, air compressor can not start, we must start the air compressor to heat, if the synthetic oil will not be such a problem.
   Air compressor Industrial Gear Oils often problems
       1, kneading rubber: Industrial Gear Oils base oil is not good, there are more impurities in the gray matter, such substances are easy to oxidize, through the high temperature and air oxidation reaction, forming the same oil asphalt, when serious Air compressor head lock, the general glue precursor is compressed air becomes smelly, air compressor running current high.
       2, the carbon: air compressor high temperature operation, especially after more than 95 degrees, the Industrial Gear Oils light and heavy components will be separated, after oxidation like paint adsorbed on the surface of the parts, will make the oil fine separator block, head oil seal wear Oil leakage, bearing life shortened.
       3, oil emulsification: air compressor long-term low-temperature operation, the machine's water can not be evaporated in time, oil and water mixed emulsion imaging milk-like liquid.
       4, the air exports higher oil content: Industrial Gear Oils oil separation is poor, the base oil in the hydride more, making it difficult to separate with the compressed air.
       5, the old oil color anomalies: usually Industrial Gear Oils color will become dark red or black, but if purple and other colors that Industrial Gear Oils additives used improperly, it is recommended to replace the Industrial Gear Oils.
       6, Industrial Gear Oils foam: usually Industrial Gear Oils defoamer added the proportion of inappropriate, and sometimes lead to insufficient oil back, affecting the life of the machine bearings.

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