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Talking About The Knowledge Of Industrial Gear Oils
Jul 01, 2017

Talking about the Knowledge of Industrial Gear Oils
   With the continuous improvement of the level of Industrial Gear Oils and the continuous enrichment of practical experience, it is found that the injection of oil into the cutting area can obtain a good processing surface. The earliest, people use animal and vegetable oil as Industrial Gear Oils, but the animal and vegetable oil perishable, the use of short cycle.
The history of human use of industrial gears can be traced back to ancient times. When people are grinding stone, bronze and iron, it is known that watering can improve efficiency and quality. In the Roman era, the use of olive oil in the casting of the piston pump, the use of tallow and water solvent in the 16th century to polish metal armor. From 1775, John Wilkinson in the UK developed a successful boring machine for the processing of the steam cylinder of the Watt steam engine, accompanied by the application of water and oil in metal cutting.
        To 1860 after a long period of development, the car, milling, planing, grinding, gear processing and threading and other machine tools have emerged, but also marks the Industrial Gear Oils began a larger scale applications.
In the 1880s, American scientists had first evaluated the Industrial Gear Oils. F · W · Taylor found and clarified the use of pump to provide sodium carbonate aqueous solution can increase the cutting speed of 30% to 40% of the phenomenon and mechanism. For the use of the tool material is carbon tool steel, Industrial Gear Oils is the main role of cooling, so the proposed "coolant" word. Since then, people have Industrial Gear Oils called cooling lubricating fluid.
Metal cutting oil, is the base oil with different proportions of extreme pressure wear additives, lubricants, rust inhibitors, mildew fungicides, refrigerant and other additives synthesis, the product therefore has excellent on the CNC machine tool itself, cutting tool , The complete protection of workpieces and emulsions. Shida metal cutting oil has a strong lubricating extreme pressure effect, the effective protection of the tool and extend its life, access to high workpiece precision and surface finish.
Selection of metal cutting oil:
First, Industrial Gear Oils should be no irritating smell, no harmful additives to the human body to ensure the safety of users.
Second, the Industrial Gear Oils should meet the requirements of anti-rust between the workpiece, no corrosion of the workpiece. Processing of copper alloy, should not use sulfur-containing Industrial Gear Oils. Processing of aluminum alloy, should use PH value for the neutral Industrial Gear Oils.
Third, the Industrial Gear Oils should meet the requirements of equipment lubrication, protection management, that is, Industrial Gear Oils should not corrode the metal parts of the machine, do not damage the machine seals and paint, will not be on the machine tool rails residual hard colloidal sediment, Use the equipment for safety and proper work.
The cooling effect of Industrial Gear Oils is through it and the cutting tool (or grinding wheel) which is heated by cutting, the convection and vaporization between the chip and the workpiece to remove the cutting heat from the tool and the workpiece, thus effectively reducing the cutting temperature, And the thermal deformation of the tool to maintain the hardness of the tool to improve the machining accuracy and tool durability. The cooling performance of Industrial Gear Oilss is related to its thermal conductivity, specific heat, vaporization heat and viscosity (or fluidity). Water thermal conductivity and specific heat are higher than oil, so the water cooling performance is better than oil.

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