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Stainless Steel Pipes Pressed Oil Of Common Problems And Solutions
Jan 13, 2017

High hardness alloy steel products, plastic processing, such as stamping, stretching, strong stainless steel beams and other processes, chlorinated paraffins is generally considered the most effective lubricant in the past, this misunderstanding has led many stamping oil lubricant producers in providing, even to customers with chlorine has the highest oil press still does not meet the needs of production and processing of oil lubrication. Is caused above phenomenon, is because in more thick plate (2mm above) and the big deformation volume or with variable thin stamping process in the, material and abrasives Zhijian of moments pressure and temperature over has chloride paraffin of effective work range (chloride paraffin work temperature for 50 ℃--350 ℃), will caused in a specific of deformation stage within mold and material directly contact, this led to of most common of results is stamping process in the artifacts bottom cracking, because stamping Shi artifacts wall and outside die Zhijian exists of dry friction resistance increases, Internal model continue to Undershoot, workpiece down more workpieces greater friction between the wall and die, until the bottom of the workpiece cannot afford from force to fracture under the internal model.

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