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Selection And Maintenance Of Hydraulic Oil Series
Jun 16, 2017

Selection and maintenance of Hydraulic Oil Series

The Hydraulic Oil Series is used in the metal processing process, for lubrication, cooling the workpiece, tool or mold. In order to improve the processing efficiency, workpiece accuracy and surface quality, to extend the life of the tool, mold, in addition to the processing conditions in accordance with the reasonable choice of tools, mold materials, geometric parameters, heat treatment specifications and processing capacity, but also the right choice of Hydraulic Oil Series.

Hydraulic Oil Series is divided into oil-based Hydraulic Oil Series (vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil) and water-based Hydraulic Oil Series (emulsified Hydraulic Oil Series, semi-synthetic Hydraulic Oil Series, all synthetic Hydraulic Oil Series)


Hydraulic Oil Series performance comparison:

Lubrication: Cutting oil> Emulsion> Semi-synthetic Hydraulic Oil Series> Fully synthetic Hydraulic Oil Series

Cooling: Fully Synthetic Hydraulic Oil Series> Semi-Synthetic Hydraulic Oil Series> Emulsion> Cutting Oil

Rust-proof: cutting oil> water-based hydraulic oil (emulsified, semi-synthetic, synthetic Hydraulic Oil Series)

Cleaning: Water-based hydraulic oil (emulsified, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic Hydraulic Oil Series)> Cutting oil


Selection of Hydraulic Oil Series:

1, according to the processing material

Nonferrous metals, cast iron, carbon steel, titanium alloy, high manganese steel, aluminum alloy, high temperature alloy

2, according to the processing technology

Processing methods, processing surface, processing parameters, machine type, tool material, service life, surface quality requirements

3, according to other circumstances

Liquid supply, change slot cycle, environmental protection, odor, water quality, rust requirements, the advantages and disadvantages of the use of products, manufacturers, models, prices, etc.


Said so much, we should have a certain understanding of the Hydraulic Oil Series, and understand how to choose the appropriate series of hydraulic oil, the actual production and processing process we also need to maintain the series of hydraulic oil, so as to be more effective Effective control of production and cost.

Maintained the maintenance of the Hydraulic Oil Series The following points:

1, the concentration (in accordance with the recommended proportion of the configuration, and regularly check the working fluid, to maintain the concentration, conditional can be configured with a refractometer for concentration testing, escort for processing operations)

2, the pH value (this work can be placed on the selection of hydraulic oil before the simple method can be configured PH test paper to detect the hydraulic oil PH value,

3, appearance, smell, oil (this work can be used throughout the Hydraulic Oil Series selection, the use of the process, because the appearance, smell, oil slick observation, we can initially determine the quality of Hydraulic Oil Series and record, use The same process to observe the appearance of the Hydraulic Oil Series, odor and oil slick, pay attention to whether the deterioration of the Hydraulic Oil Series, so as not to affect the quality of processing)

4, the bubble

5, bacteria, chloride ions

6, regular skim oil, iron, impurities

7, processing status (different processing conditions also need to pay attention to the maintenance and management of Hydraulic Oil Series)

8, a long time downtime (long downtime, easily lead to a series of hydraulic oil corruption, deterioration)

9, liquid level (hydraulic oil supply system, the water tank in the hydraulic oil level)

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