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Selection And Application Of Curing Additives
Jan 13, 2017

Oil is the lifeblood of the machine, and extreme pressure-antiwear agent is the key to improving the performance of lubricating oils. Good lubricant not only can improve the processing technology, can also reduce friction and wear, thereby improving mechanical efficiency and prolong mechanical life. It is estimated that 80% of the damage was due to the wear of parts failure. So, improve lubrication to reduce friction and wear and to prevent sintering, is significant to the economy. Addition of extreme pressure and antiwear additives, lubricant with excellent performance.

Current EP antiwear agent are: sulfur extreme-pressure additive, phosphorus extreme pressure agents, chlorine extreme-pressure agents, organic metal salts extreme pressure agent. Tribochemical reaction of sulfide generated Vulcanized metal chlorides, phosphorus-phosphating of metals, metal chloride, they have an important within the scope of their respective melting points of lubrication. Traditional sulfides (such as T-405) in about 600 ¡æ began to react, when the temperature reached 1197 c chemistry reaction failure. This extreme pressure-antiwear agent explains.

1. sulfur extreme-pressure anti-wear additive usage

Following this simplest of sulphur is dissolved in mineral oil extreme pressure antiwear additives after the prototype, and has developed several products. We give a simple introduction:

1) sulfide olefin: a is sulfide different butene, color shallow, and oil dissolved sex good, and very pressure sex good, was widely application in various gear oil, and hydraulic oil, and lubrication oil in the, but its anti-mill sex bad, and smell big, and copper rot high, in metal processing liquid in the rarely used; another a is sulfide of long chain alkyl olefin, sulfur content 10%-20%.

2) natural fatty esters: natural fatty has good lubricity, curing oil viscosity increasing structure changes, showing very good abrasion resistance; after the esterification of natural oils, oil resistance, abrasion resistance were improved, and increases the sulfur content. So the two products have very good prospects.

2. the extreme pressure and anti-wear mechanism of sulfur:

Organic sulfur compounds usually have polarity. Under good conditions, organic sulfur compounds can be generated by absorption on metal surface adsorption. Medium load conditions, the material surface of sliding local temperature, organic sulfides react with iron pyrite films, which play a wear-resistant. When adverse conditions or when entering the extreme pressure conditions, because the c-s bond cleavage, inorganic iron sulfide film that can be generated.

Organic extreme pressure related to their reactivity of sulfides, and its activity depends on the c-s bond strength. C-S key strengths worse better extreme pressure and corrosive greater (particularly for copper).

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