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Select Metal Working Fluid According To Workpiece Material
Jul 10, 2017

Select Metal Working Fluid according to workpiece material

The performance of workpiece material is very important to the choice of Metal Working Fluid. The machining materials are divided into different levels according to their machinability, which can be used as the basis for selecting metal processing fluids. To be graded according to the machinability of the material. The machinability index of copper under fixed condition is set to 100, and other materials are cut under the same conditions, and the quality of the blade is arranged according to the quality of the tool.

The smaller the cutting index, the harder it is to process. When choosing metalworking fluid, for difficult-to-machine materials should choose active degrees higher, metalworking fluids containing anti-wear extreme pressure additives for processing materials, can choose pure mineral oil or other metalworking fluid without extreme pressure additives.

Machining is a complex process, although is a kind of material cutting, but when the cutting speed change or cutting the workpiece geometry change, show the effect of the metalworking fluids is completely different, so when choosing metalworking fluid to combine the characteristics of the machining process and workpiece to comprehensive consideration.

For difficult to machining materials should choose activity with high degrees of metalworking fluid containing anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, for easy processing materials, can choose pure mineral oil or other metalworking fluid without extreme pressure additives.

In processing light metal and nonferrous metals, the cutting force and cutting temperature are not high, generally available for mineral oil and high concentration of emulsion.

In the lower cutting structure and cutting parameter is alloy steel (cutting speed at 10 ~ 15 m/min, cutting thickness is less than 0.15 mm), and the surface roughness for hours, for example, broaching and thread cutting, etc., this is main demand also has excellent lubrication performance, cutting can use extreme pressure cutting oil or high concentrations of emulsion.

In the high cutting speed of various materials (e.g. cars, milling, drilling, etc.). The Metal Working Fluid is required to have a good cooling effect. This is suitable for the base concentration of emulsion and water-based metal processing fluid.

In cutting iron and bronze and other brittle materials, the cutting is formed in the cutting, so the cooling and lubricating effect of metal processing liquid is not as obvious as cutting steel. If the Metal Working Fluid is used, the fine chip will flow around with the metal processing fluid, and the machine parts will be damaged by the flow into the guide rail of the machine, so it is generally dry cutting. However, when processing malleable iron and high strength cast iron, it can use the low concentration of the emulsified liquid with high cooling performance. When the cast iron is finished, the cleaning performance can be used as the Metal Working Fluid.

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