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Processing Aluminum Alloy Lubrication Industry Can Use Ordinary Lubrication Industry?
Sep 04, 2017

Processing aluminum alloy Lubrication Industry can use ordinary Lubrication Industry?
Aluminum alloy is a very sensitive amphoteric nonferrous metal, with acid and alkali can react, and its own contains some trace impurities will react, and the aluminum alloy than the steel material, the process of easy sticks, chips But also more adhesion on the surface of the workpiece, so we can see the aluminum processing industry, the requirements of the oil industry is very strict. So, the processing of aluminum alloy Lubrication Industry can use ordinary Lubrication Industry?
First of all, the general Lubrication Industry PH value is mostly 8.5-9.5, or even higher, if commonly used high PH oil processing industry, aluminum alloy, will lead to black work, rough surface, a variety of crop failure occurred.
Second, the general Lubrication Industry contains free chlorine ions will react with the aluminum alloy, destroying the stability of the Lubrication Industry and accelerate the deterioration of the lubricating oil industry, resulting in corrosion of aluminum alloy parts of the color.
Finally, the aluminum alloy is very sensitive, so the processing of aluminum alloy Lubrication Industry needs excellent stability, in order to achieve the stability of the internal Lubrication Industry, the need to add the right amount of aluminum slow agent, stable extreme pressure additives, and these are Is the ordinary type of lubricating oil industry does not have.
In summary, so the general Lubrication Industry can not meet the processing of aluminum. Processing aluminum alloy is best to use aluminum alloy Lubrication Industry, such as crystal magnesium alloy oil Lubrication Industry C42
 Machine surface rust on both sides of the machine does not affect the life of the machine is not beautiful. Metal processing fluid manufacturers to teach you to use the lubricating oil industry to remove the surface of the machine rust.
    Machine after a period of time to use, such as the week is not very clean, in the machine where there will be a layer of oil stains yellow rust, affecting the machine surface clean and beautiful.
To wipe off these yellow rust, can be used to open the relatively strong lubricating oil industry coated on the surface of the machine's yellow rust, after a lapse of time, then cotton yarn stained with hot water to open the oil industry to wipe , Rust can be wiped off.
Lubricant industry is a high-performance semi-synthetic metalworking fluids, especially for aluminum metal and its alloy processing, but not suitable for lead-containing materials, such as some brass and tin metal.
 At present, there are many metal processing manufacturers have such an idea that the lubrication performance of the lubricating oil industry is a high-quality Lubrication Industry. In fact, this is a very one-sided view, today, Dongguan crystal cable Lubrication Industry to explain why the lubrication performance of good Lubrication Industry is not necessarily high-quality Lubrication Industry.
    Good Lubrication Industry is high quality Lubrication Industry, which is a widely misunderstanding of the problem, some people always think that to improve the quality of the oil industry or quality grade is to continuously improve the extreme pressure of the lubricating oil industry, lubrication And attempts to use the lubricating industry to lubricate the quality of the lubricating oil industry. As mentioned earlier, the performance requirements of the lubricating oil industry are multifaceted, and the performance they should have is based on the needs of practical applications. Lubrication performance is only one of the many functions of the metal lubricating oil industry is not the higher the better lubricity, excessive lubrication often with the opposite effect of negative effects, such as extreme pressure produced by chemical wear, can greatly shorten the tool life, extreme pressure (Eg, chemical film) to the post-processing and application of the workpiece (such as some of the metal parts used in the electronics industry and the electronics industry), the use of lubricating additives and the surface of the workpiece to form the adsorption film (especially chemical film) cause trouble.

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