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Poor Solubility Of Metal Machining Oil Oil Problem And Its Solution
Jan 13, 2017

Reasons, curing additives

Why after curing fat, reducing its compatibility it?

By research found, with on fat sulfide degree of deepened, C-S of constantly combined, its dissolved of polar gradually reduced, very pressure anti-mill of performance is in improve, on like we common of lever, end rises Hou, another end must to declined; say, will fat of containing sulfur volume sulfide to 1 a sulfur Shi, its oil dissolved sex certainly than containing 5 a sulfur of better, 5 a sulfur of will than 10 a sulfur of oil dissolved sex good, but oil in actual using Shi, that very pressure anti-mill aspects, its effect just instead, We added sulfide additives of purpose is using its very pressure anti-mill sex, need note of is, this sulfide process is has control of, dang sulfur content reached 12 o'clock, stick degrees is high, has close half fluid has, and 90% around of based oil are difficult dissolved has, sulfur content reached 20 o'clock, is we common of making tire by with of rubber has, then, oil dissolved sex has no on up has.

There are two main types of sulfureted fatty:

1. dark sulfide of cottonseed oil (T-404, T-405, T-405A)

Curing of traditional crafts, color depth, pungent odor, the sulfur combination too strong, it is difficult to release, resulting in very low pressure, strictly speaking, these additives are oily agent limitations due to objective conditions, in reconciling industrial oils, metal processing oils used only when curing cottonseed oil.

2. light curing lard

Curing of modern technology, lighter color, no unpleasant smell due to changed the combination of sulfur, extreme-pressure anti-wear properties is much higher than sulphur cottonseed oil, was recognized by a growing number of institutions, enterprises and a large number of uses, suitable for high-end oil and future oil at this stage of development.

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