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Metal Working Fluid What Kind Of Little Common Sense
Jul 01, 2017

Metal Working Fluid what kind of little common sense
According to the different degree of sewage treatment, sewage treatment can be divided into a level of treatment, secondary treatment and three treatment. The primary treatment is mainly to remove suspended solids in the sewage. The main task of the secondary treatment is to remove the organic pollutants in the effluent and dissolved in the effluent. The tertiary treatment is also called the deep treatment. The purpose is to further remove the suspended matter, inorganic organic salts and other pollutants in the sewage, Commonly used "water treatment" is through the physical, chemical, biological means to remove the water on the production and life of harmful substances in the process. Water treatment systems can run large amounts of foam during operation, but these bubbles often affect the efficiency and effectiveness of water treatment. So, in the process of water treatment should be added some basic Metal Working Fluid. But still some people on the Metal Working Fluid knowledge is relatively short, then we come to tell you about Metal Working Fluid of several small common sense it! The same time as the above-

1. Composition and classification Metalworking liquid is divided into two categories: silicone and polyether, according to the composition can be divided into silicone, silicon polyether, fatty acids, polyether and high alcohols. According to the product form can be divided into solid defoamers, powder defoamers, liquid defoamers (oily liquid and emulsion type liquid), in which the majority of liquid defoamers.

2. How to choose for different water treatment system foam, the use of Metal Working Fluid is also different, the usual industrial wastewater, sewage, with silicone-based metalworking solution can easily eliminate the foam. For biological water foam and circulating water foam, the general choice of defoamers is polyether or polyether modified silicon, this defoamer foam suppression time is long, more suitable for this foam system.
3. Use method Metalworking fluid can be directly used or sprayed to use. The amount of added by the total amount of 0.02 to 0.05% of the use; if you want to dilute the use of the best day to run out, the dilution of the multiple can be 1 to 15 times (depending on the actual situation) Tap water can be diluted. If there is a special situation can ask manufacturers.
According to the different nature of the waste water, the defoamer used in water treatment is also different, according to the composition is roughly divided into silicone, silicon polyether, fatty acids, polyether and high alcohols; , Powder defoamers, liquid defoamers (oily liquid and emulsion liquid) and so on, so you manufacturers in the choice of Metal Working Fluid must pay attention, do not blindly to choose, you can find a professional Metal Working Fluid manufacturers To consult, and now let Xiaobian to one by one introduction. Please call - 13377782726.
Metal Working Fluids are mostly polyether grease products produced by a special process. Is a silicon-free products, is designed for all types of biological water treatment system developed highly efficient defoamer.
It is characterized by: fast foaming speed, long foaming time, high efficiency, low dosage, non-toxic, no corrosion, no bad side effects, no special effect on various fungi, no damage to the membrane, The

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