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Metal Working Fluid Metamorphic Stink Solution
Jun 16, 2017

Metal Working Fluid metamorphic stink solution

Heavy truck production base, with a large number of imported processing center equipment, before the application of Metal Working Fluid used for some time, there are metamorphic stink, smell large. The supply of manufacturers to increase the amount of fungicides in the summer, the operating staff often skin allergies, requiring the replacement of jobs, to the enterprise management work caused a lot of trouble, the use of working fluid gradually turbid, affecting the processing of finished parts of the observation , And there are crust, blocking the phenomenon, especially in the processing center, this problem is particularly prominent.

The technical department through the practice to recognize the addition of a large number of fungicides can improve the deterioration of stinking, smell this problem. At the same time, also led to the Metal Working Fluid anti-rust performance and function, the stability of the decline in the workpiece often rust phenomenon, working fluid life shortened, an increase of emissions and water treatment costs.

In the enterprise to reduce the cost of the situation, the choice of part of the Metal Working Fluid synthetic lipid-type environmentally friendly Metal Working Fluid, after more than a year to prove that the use of the product performance is good, not only low prices, and completely solve the crust, , Life and other technical problems.

The most obvious is the product has a good oil discharge, sewage, sinking iron scrap effect, making the bottom of the sludge, iron sink subsidence, oil floating on the surface, coupled with the processing center oil spill chip facilities in place, centralized liquid pool intermediate cycle Of the working fluid is always clean, greatly improving the product processing speed and finishing the surface finish, environmental problems also will be resolved. Has been required to supporting the use of metal processing enterprises supporting the advanced synthetic resin-based multi-functional Metal Working Fluid.

Operation workers reflect: Metal Working Fluid long life green Metal Working Fluid, lubrication, anti-rust performance, settling sawdust fast, working fluid clear, non-toxic no smell, high processing efficiency, Every day wearing a uniform is very clean, each operator on the maintenance of the saw, maintenance like their own clothes like love. Company leaders recognize that high-grade machine equipment and the rational use of working fluid is very important, decided to change the company's sales model, turn passive to active.

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