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Metal Working Fluid Can Remove The Machine Surface Rust You Know?
Sep 22, 2017

Metal Working Fluid can remove the machine surface rust you know?
    Machine surface rust on both sides of the machine does not affect the life of the machine is not beautiful. Metal Working Fluid manufacturers to teach you to use metalworking machine to remove the surface of the machine rust.
    Machine tool after a period of use, such as the week is not very clean, in the machine where there will be a layer of oil on the yellow rust, affecting the machine surface clean and beautiful.
To wipe off these yellow rust, you can first not open the relatively strong Metal Working Fluid coated on the surface of the machine's yellow rust, after a lapse of time, and then stained with hot water to open the Metal Working Fluid to wipe , Rust can be wiped off.
Metalworking fluids are a high performance semi-synthetic metalworking process and are particularly suitable for the processing of aluminum alloys and their alloys, but are not suitable for leaded materials such as brass and tin metal.
 May have many people have heard of Metal Working Fluid, but its use of a little knowledge, the following lubricants give you explain the metal processing solution in the end what purpose?
    Metal Working Fluid is a fully synthetic water-soluble stamping oil, the product can also be used as extrusion, pressing, pull pipe and other plastic molding operation of the lubricant. This product uses a new technology of lubricating synergist, completely free of chlorine, sulfur composition, greatly enhance the performance of the product.
    Metalworking fluids are particularly suitable for copper, aluminum and its alloys, cold rolled sheets, stainless steel, silicon steel sheets, galvanized, nonferrous metals and their alloys. For metal extrusion, pressing, punching, stamping, tapping, tapping and other high-strength operation. At the same time it is also very suitable for plastic forming processing. The product contains refined oily agents, rust inhibitors and other additives, a good hydrophilic and processability, and the mold has a good protective properties. Stamping silicon steel and stainless steel when the concentration should be slightly increased.
 At present, there are many metal processing manufacturers have such an idea that the lubrication performance of Metal Working Fluid is a high-quality Metal Working Fluid. In fact, this is a very one-sided view, today, metalworking fluid to explain why the lubrication of good Metal Working Fluid is not necessarily high-quality Metal Working Fluid.
    Good lubricity of metalworking fluid is high quality metalworking fluid, which is a widely misunderstood problem, some people always think that to improve the quality of metalworking fluid or quality grade is to continuously improve the Metal Working Fluid extreme pressure, lubrication And attempts to divide the quality of metalworking fluids with the lubricity of metalworking fluids. As mentioned earlier, the performance requirements of metalworking fluids are multifaceted, and their performance should be determined according to the needs of practical applications. Lubrication performance is only one of the many functions of metal Metal Working Fluid is not the higher the better lubricity, excessive lubrication often with the opposite effect of negative effects, such as extreme pressure produced by chemical wear, can greatly shorten the tool life, extreme pressure (Eg, chemical film) to the post-treatment and application of the workpiece (such as some of the metal parts used in the electronics industry and the electronics industry), the use of lubricating additives and the surface of the workpiece to form the adsorption film (especially chemical film) cause trouble.
Metal Working Fluid in addition to its processing performance, the service life is also a metal processing manufacturers are very concerned about the elements. Why often have metal processing manufacturers, said they are currently using the Metal Working Fluid products, there will be smelly, life is not long, and from the Internet search to our metal processing solution consulting it? We have produced a Metal Working Fluid what excels, why life than the domestic general Metal Working Fluid to be long. The main reasons include the following three aspects:
    First, we prepared the metal Metal Working Fluid used by the raw materials, most of the imports from abroad. Especially fungicides, are generally added better quality fungicides, can effectively improve the Metal Working Fluid metamorphic stink problems.
    Second, the difference between the production process, our metal processing products produced by the use of a separate production line is a way to avoid the production process and other materials mixed with the problem, to avoid because the outside world because of bacteria into the Metal Working Fluid in.
    Third, the purchase of our Metal Working Fluid products customers, we will provide professional advice and technical after-sales service. Stressed that customers in the use of new metalworking fluid before, must be on the oil tank and the relevant pipe advanced field sterilization clean, make the greatest possible to avoid bacteria into the metal Metal Working Fluid.

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