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Metal Machining Oil FAQ For Burn Solutions
Jan 13, 2017

Present situation, market

In the metal machining oil, usually "burning" problem is (except allergies):

1. in the system of processing the formula use a lot of chlorinated paraffin;

2. base oils using pickling oil;

3. for viscosity adjustment the purpose of base oil in the mixing of white mineral oil, yellow low viscosity to non standard oil such as mineral oil;

If it is the latter, the solution of the problem is relatively simple, as long as the replacement base oil.

In harmonic processing oil Shi, except used sulfide additives, General also will with to chloride paraffin (Special industry standard and the requirements except, as international no halogen Halogen Free, and SGS), advantages is: sulfur, and chlorine complex distribution can effective improve oil of PB value, and PD value; shortcomings is: Dang chloride paraffin very pressure sex rendering of while, its corrosion sex also began appeared, rust, and "burn hand", series problem with of and to.

Adjustable oil engineers original of practices is directly added rust agent, or used acid alkali neutralization of principle added high alkali value sulfonate,, then again for 50 ℃ or 150 ℃ of steel tablets corrosion of test, if steel tablets not rust or color, is think its steel rot qualified, but actual of using effect does not ideal, "burn hand" phenomenon still exists; some harmonic factory simply directly to Terminal user of employees issued small soda (sodium bicarbonate), and vaseline, smear drug, to treatment employees of wound; actually Dang "burn hand" appeared Hou, Slightly defective of these practices.

Second, experimental method and analysis of problems

After I company years of test and the line summary obtained: ring oxygen big soybean oil is most effective of chlorine captured agent, its and chloride paraffin of best tie proportion for 1:10; steel rot test Shi, oil temperature in 150 ℃ Shi, which of chlorine only just began release but does not completely release, at of steel rot results and no persuasive, but temperature if rose to 220 ℃, at oil in the of chlorine is completely release, then out steel tablets and observation whether color, as not color, is description this paragraph oil of corrosion sex real do has qualified.

Experimental procedure:

1.45# steel sheet, steel polished with a fine sandpaper and clean;

2. reconcile the good oil poured into the beaker of 50ml;

3. has finished steel dipped in oil, and heating, while the thermometer is suspended in oil, keep in mind the thermometers do not direct contact with the bottom of the Cup, when the oil temperature up to 220 ° c, immediately remove the steel plate and its surface changes were observed.

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