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Metal Machining Oil Curing Additives And Petroleum Products Determination Of Stability
Jan 13, 2017

Stability of sulfur extreme-pressure antiwear agent

Experiment conditions: will prepared experiment of sulfide very pressure anti-mill agent since at room temperature Xia sealed, then cooling to-15 ℃ again reply to at room temperature State; so repeatedly three times, then oriented natural light, observation its status, if has needle Floc, and and flashing of Crystal objects produced, is proved sulfur has precipitation, description this paragraph very pressure anti-mill agent stability poor; instead, as no any changes, is sulfur no precipitation, description this paragraph very pressure anti-mill agent stability excellent.

If sulfide very pressure anti-mill agent has and based oil harmonic into oil Hou occurred has precipitation, first to with above method judge sulfur whether will precipitation, if sulfur not precipitation, will test based oil, especially Dang used added hydrogen based oil Shi, hydrogen excessive saturated or residues of hydrogen also will effect sulfide very pressure anti-mill agent of oil dissolved sex, so recommends added hydrogen based oil in using Qian, to and all of very pressure anti-mill agent do phase dissolved sex test; if above are no problem, so precipitation only is oil in the acid alkali neutralization produced of salt has.

Through this demanding test method, Basic you can determine a sulfur extreme-pressure antiwear agents of stability, but picks up again at low temperature, do not heat to prevent precipitation of sulfur and fat were reunited, affect the accuracy of the experiment.

II. Stability of base oil

Experiment conditions: take now with based oil amount, heating to 80 ℃--100 ℃, then on its blow into oxygen, and keep 72H above, then observation based oil of situation: color, and stick degrees are no changes, description this based oil good; if color deepened variable black, and stick degrees increases, recommends do about SOAP of value, is will is clear of see oil in the whether contains fat or fat derivatives, because plant fat belongs to not saturated acid, by high temperature oxidation Hou must will appeared above problem.

So, in actual use, base oil if used improperly, can also cause "yellow" phenomenon.

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