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Metal Machining Oil Common Problems And Solving Methods Of Tapping Oil
Jan 13, 2017

At present, tapping the lubricant used in many, such as machine oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil, rapeseed oil, paint, acid vinegar, oil, emulsion, tapping oil, prices are high or low, oil quality is uneven.

1. Smoke

2. Poor uneven teeth, smooth finish

3. Tap the "bald", easily-broken teeth and low processing efficiency

Processing in the device, tap, is relatively stable case materials, the problems mentioned above, Basic you can judge is tapping the lubricant used when caused by substandard, especially stainless steel and difficult to machine materials such as titanium tapping problem more obvious. End users when selecting lubricants, often focus only on the purchase price, but from a cost point of view, oil, rapeseed oil and not worthwhile, because tap loss, low productivity and other hidden costs may be higher.

Attack silk processing Shi, taps/silk attack and cutting material into wedge shaped contact, taps three surface was cutting material by surrounded, cutting torque big, and row chip difficult, thermal than Shi, short time within will in taps surface formed "red hot phenomenon", very easy caused taps wear had fast, and "bald" phenomenon, especially processing deep hole or stainless steel, difficult processing material Shi, often will appeared collapse edged or broken taps. Therefore, low friction coefficient, high wear resistance, good permeability, rigid demand has become a choice tapping oil in order to reduce the friction of taps work, in order to prolong the life, improve thread tap Finish.

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