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Management Methods Of Metal Working Fluid
Jun 23, 2017

Management methods of Metal Working Fluid
 Metal Working Fluid in the use of the process, often because of chip, do not cycle and other reasons makes the metal processing fluid metamorphic stink, shorten the life of metalworking fluid. In order to reduce the problem of Metal Working Fluid and improve the service life and cutting efficiency of Metal Working Fluid, it is necessary to do the management and maintenance of Metal Working Fluid.

Metal processing fluid management goal is to make metal processing fluid pH, concentration ratio, with bacteria and other technical indicators are set within the range, so as to achieve the purpose of extending the service life. Performance, even better metal processing fluid, such as do not pay attention to the daily maintenance and management, can not maintain its long-term performance, but will shorten the service life; and performance of the general metal processing fluid, such as attention to maintenance and management, but also long-term to maintain its performance.
 The management of Metal Working Fluid includes routine management and regular maintenance.

Daily management requires a daily inspection of water quality, system cleanliness, and system fluid volume. Liquid can be used with tap water, but the hardness of about 150ppm. The maintenance of system cleanliness is important for the stability of Metal Working Fluid. System cleaning is mainly in addition to oil, so every day must be cleaned.

As the production process will take part of the metal processing fluid, so every day to be added in time to make the total system volume unchanged. Care should be noted that the position of the liquid into the tank to be low, the speed is slower. In addition, the need for a long time downtime encountered, the metal processing fluid system still need to regularly cycle, stirring or access to the air, or add fungicides, additives, etc., to prevent the metal processing fluid in the large number of anaerobic breeding, resulting in metal processing Liquid metamorphism.

Regular maintenance requirements of the periodic detection of metal processing fluid pH, concentration, bacterial content, if any changes in time to take appropriate measures. The pH of the metalworking solution is generally 9.0, which is alkaline to prevent corrosion of the machining center machine, and also to control the growth of bacteria and fungi. In the course of the use of metal processing fluid pH will be gradually reduced, it is necessary to timely adjust the metal processing fluid PH value.

General metal processing fluid commonly used concentration range of 5% to 13%, too high concentration of foam, the cost is high, stimulate the skin, poor cooling; low concentration of rust resistance, inhibition of bacterial capacity and lubrication are worse. Should be specified every 2 weeks to measure the bacterial content, when the bacteria ≥ 105 or pH, the concentration has a greater change, you must add liquid or fungicide adjustment.

  Do a good job of metal processing fluid management work to improve processing efficiency, extend the life of metalworking fluid to ensure the stability of metal processing fluid, reduce production costs.

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