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Introduction To The Main Application Features Of The Compressor Oils Series
Oct 12, 2017

Compressor Oils Series is an important lubricant made from petroleum lubricating base oil or synthetic lubricating oil, which is prepared by adding extreme pressure antiwear and oily agent. For a variety of gear transmission, with tooth surface wear, abrasion, sintering, etc., to extend its service life, improve the efficiency of transmission power and so on.
The main features of the Compressor Oils Series:
① extreme pressure abrasion resistance; extreme pressure anti-wear is the most important nature of oil, but also the most important features. Is used to prevent the movement of tooth surface wear, abrasion, gluing performance. In order to prevent tooth film rupture caused by tooth surface wear and abrasion, in this oil are generally added extreme pressure antiwear agent.
② anti-emulsification, oxidation stability: Compressor Oils Series occurs in the event of emulsion emulsification will seriously affect the formation of lubricating oil film caused by abrasion, wear. While good thermal oxidation stability to ensure the life of oil. Corrosion and corrosion not only damage the geometric characteristics of the gear and lubrication, corrosion and corrosion products will further cause Compressor Oils Series deterioration, resulting in a vicious cycle.
③ anti-foam, anti-rust anti-corrosion: anti-foam so that the bubble can not quickly disappear will affect the gear meshing oil film formation, entrainment of the foam to reduce the actual working oil, affecting heat.
In addition, Compressor Oils Series also has good anti-wear, load resistance and the appropriate viscosity. Appropriate viscosity and good viscosity and temperature is also a major feature of it, in general, the viscosity is its most basic performance. Viscosity, the formation of lubricating oil film is thick, anti-load capacity is relatively large.
Compressor Oils Series introduces the application of oil filters.
In many technical processing and technical practice, for many of the pipeline transportation, there will often be a lot of impurities and various types of obstacles. For the production of many foreign bodies tend to result in lower production efficiency, for the operation of the machine have a bad effect. So in a lot of pipeline transportation is often used in oil filter system.
A lot of the Compressor Oils Series filter system is often referred to as a basket filter, in the pipeline through the line of the installation and filtering form for the complete handling of transport objects. In some of the prerequisites with technical factors, the general quality of the Compressor Oils Series filter can be very different nature of the particles to intercept and block, forming a very protective and filtering effect of the fence.
For its installation and demolition is also very practical and unique application attributes. Through the operation and replacement of the people Suzaku, long-term for the pipeline transport to play a better regulatory role, to promote the improvement of production efficiency, greatly enhance the production and operation of the security.
The greater the working load, the greater the viscosity of the oil used, and the greater the compressibility of the Compressor Oils Series, and the load is not very large, the choice of Compressor Oils Series viscosity Relatively speaking, it will be smaller. Specific can be selected according to the actual load of mechanical equipment.
The choice should take into account the temperature of the mechanical equipment, since the temperature directly affects the viscosity change and oxidative deterioration of the Compressor Oils Series. For long-term high temperature equipment in the operation of the mechanical equipment, you should buy a large viscosity, high viscosity index, high flash point and good oxidation stability of the Compressor Oils Series.
Mechanical equipment, the speed of movement is also optional Compressor Oils Series reference one of the goods, the faster the friction movement, the choice of small viscosity of the oil, is conducive to mechanical parts lubrication, and friction movement speed, optional viscosity Larger Compressor Oils Series, of course, if the oil used in the anti-wear agent, then you have to consider the use of Compressor Oils Series viscosity should not be too much.

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