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Hydraulic Oil Series Performance Analysis
Jul 10, 2017

Hydraulic Oil Series performance analysis

Hydraulic Oil Series is the hydraulic medium used by hydraulic pressure system, which plays an important role in hydraulic system, such as energy transfer, system lubrication, anticorrosion, rust prevention and cooling. For Hydraulic Oil Series, first of all should satisfy hydraulic equipment in working temperature and the temperature of the liquid viscosity requirements, because the oil viscosity change directly related to the hydraulic action, transmission efficiency and transmission accuracy, also requires oil viscosity-temperature properties and shear stability should meet the diverse needs of different USES the proposed.

The hydraulic system of automobile and engineering machinery USES Hydraulic Oil Series as the working medium. The fluid flow in this kind of hydraulic system is not very high and the pressure is high, so it is called static pressure transmission. The quality of the Hydraulic Oil Series will greatly affect the reliability and service life of the hydraulic system.

The quality requirements of the Hydraulic Oil Series are usually as follows:

1. Suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance to ensure accurate and sensitive transmission of power under the conditions of changing work temperature, and ensure normal lubrication of hydraulic components.

With good rust resistance and anti-oxidative stability, it is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

3, has good resistance to bubble, make the product in working conditions, by mechanical stirring constantly produce eight stability in order to make the power of the bubble is easy to disappear to avoid the Hydraulic Oil Series of accelerated oxidation.

4. Good resistance to emulsification, which can be separated rapidly from the water in the oil, which leads to the corrosion of the metal materials of the hydraulic system and the reduction of the use effect.

5, good extreme pressure and anti-wear, to ensure that the series of Hydraulic Oil Series, hydraulic motor, control valve and cylinder of the friction pair under the condition of high pressure, high speed hard get normal lubrication, reducing wear and tear.

In addition to the above basic quality requirements, there are special requirements for the Hydraulic Oil Series of special performance requirements. The low temperature Hydraulic Oil Series requires good low temperature performance; The anti-flammable Hydraulic Oil Series requires good fire resistance. The silver Hydraulic Oil Series can be used in the hydraulic system with silver parts.

Generally, the quality detection of Hydraulic Oil Series mainly includes the following items:

(1) the viscosity should be strictly tested. The viscosity of the general assembly increases the power loss, the viscosity too small will affect the wear and the leakage increase in the pump, the system pressure drops.

(2) the viscosity index has different requirements, and the oil viscosity index of the internal fixed hydraulic system is usually above 90; The viscosity index of the Hydraulic Oil Series for mobile devices in cold regions is greater than 130.

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