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How To Use Metal Working Fluid In Summer
Nov 03, 2017

How to use Metal Working Fluid in summer
With the arrival of summer, the hot and hot weather will come. In hot weather, the quality of many products will be affected to some extent, this does not mean that the quality of the product is reduced, but the product encounters high temperature hot weather will use a corresponding reduction in replacement of metal processing liquid every season to become the majority of owners conservation One of the key, then how to use Metal Working Fluid in summer?
1, first of all you have to understand your car's situation, to understand your car is a naturally aspirated car or turbo car. Naturally drawn car and turbo car selected Metal Working Fluid is also very particular. Natural breathing car on the metal processing fluid requirements are lower, the general choice of refined mineral oil or better semi-synthetic oil. Turbocharged cars must use fully synthetic oil. Naturally aspirated car engine oil temperature is usually less than 100, then use 30 standard oil is enough to protect the engine. Turbo car heat, it is easy to break the oil above 100. Generally require the use of 40 standard or more fully synthetic engine oil.
2, first of all, under the conditions of ensuring the quality of lubrication, according to the temperature range of use, the engine temperature and the actual condition, as far as possible the choice of small viscosity Metal Working Fluid. On the better condition, less wear and tear of the engine, you can choose a small viscosity, and the wear has been more serious, the gap has been relatively large engine, the appropriate choice of slightly larger viscosity of the metal working fluid.
3, due to large temperature difference between summer and winter, summer low pressure gauge in general. However, as long as they are within the reasonable range stipulated in the manufacturer's driving manual, they are all normal. There is no need for the owners to over-panic about this. If the hydraulic gauge bizarre high or low, deviate from the normal situation is too much or not within a reasonable range, then you need to thoroughly check to see if there is any problem with the engine, for example, the sensor is broken, blocked oil And so on. Avoid low pressure gauge, hard to use extremely high viscosity Metal Working Fluid.
4, under normal circumstances, a good oil with the temperature increases, the viscosity changes will be relatively smooth, and will not rapidly thinning. No matter what type of engine, if the choice of low-viscosity oil products to ensure that the engine oil pressure gauge shows the value of the normal range under the premise, it is recommended to try to use the lower viscosity of the oil, low viscosity oil flow better, the engine resistance Small, the possibility of carbon deposition generated by the engine will be reduced, superior fuel economy.
When we choose the Metal Working Fluid, the viscosity of the Metal Working Fluid is essential to the normal operation of the engine. In order to prevent wear on the contact surfaces between the moving parts of the engine, the Metal Working Fluid must have sufficient viscosity so that at various operating temperatures Can form a film of oil between the moving parts, making the car engine running smoothly. Lubricating conditions, according to the use of the temperature range, the engine temperature and the actual conditions should be used as far as possible the viscosity of the oil, if the viscosity is too large, it is likely to cause wear and tear when the engine starts, the engine overheating and so on.
Metal Working Fluid We are all familiar with, is our essential life in a metal processing liquid fat. However, metal processing fluid in the process of aging will be gradually, the use of the effect is also much lower than in the past. In fact, this is an inevitable phenomenon, the metal processing fluid will gradually deteriorate during use is an inevitable law, then we use the metal processing fluid how to detect the use of metal working fluid state?
1, spot checks the implementation of equipment lubrication "five" standard Peugeot.
2, Sampling observation of Metal Working Fluid oil appearance, including oil color, transparency, smell and so on.
3, regular viscosity, flash point, moisture, acid 値 (or base value) and other key physical and chemical indicators that can reflect changes in oil quality.
4, there is no laboratory for water sonic boom test and stain tests.
5, with modern equipment analysis. Such as the use of infrared spectrophotometer Determination of additives in Metal Working Fluid changes in the situation by iron spectrometer or ICP emission spectrometry Determination of metal particles or changes in the oil.
When we use the Metal Working Fluid must distinguish the aging deterioration, aging deterioration can be divided into two cases, one is the normal aging deterioration; the other due to water pollution and other abnormal anomalies. The use of state monitoring, can grasp the technical status of oil products, prevent equipment lubrication accidents, extend the service life of oil.

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