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How To Use Industrial Gear Oilscorrectly?
Jun 16, 2017

How to use Industrial Gear Oilscorrectly?

        Q: What do you need to pay attention to industrial gear oil? How should you adjust the position of the nozzle in use? For industrial gears, Industrial Gear Oilsis the best way to lubricate it?

A: Compared to oil bath lubrication, Industrial Gear Oilsis a new type of open gear lubrication, can improve the lubrication effect and equipment operation reliability. Here, we talk about Industrial Gear Oilsneed to pay attention to what.

The first is the Industrial Gear Oilsproblem, and other lubrication methods, the choice of appropriate oil, and to ensure that the oil is in the appropriate range is a necessary condition for successful lubrication. If you are using oil, then choose the appropriate viscosity grade, if the open gear using industrial gear oil, to select the appropriate NLGI consistency level.

Followed by the location of the nozzle, and some from the gear tooth top circle only 5 cm, and some need 20 cm or so. The specific location of the nozzle according to the size of the gear, the gear speed, the type of nozzle are different, there are currently aligned pinion tooth surface and align the gears in two ways, the principle is to ensure that the gear surface has been able to receive Fresh lubricants to form a complete lubricating oil film.

There are many types of nozzles, different types of nozzles need different air pressure and spray. In the choice of nozzle, the principle is the nozzle to form a uniform oil mist and full infiltration of all the tooth surface, but the oil does not have to spray too much. Before gearing, make sure that each tooth is painted with oil. In order to do this, generally use multiple nozzles. Before starting, pre-lubricate the surface of the gear to avoid dry friction when the gear is started.

In use, often check the Industrial Gear Oilssystem. Regularly check whether the nozzle is blocked, the air pressure is sufficient, the fuel tank is normal.

For the open gear, the Industrial Gear Oilseffect is very good. As with other lubrication methods, to achieve the desired lubrication effect, need to do maintenance, and in accordance with the correct way to use lubricants. As long as the necessary maintenance, the correct selection of oil, Industrial Gear Oilscan improve the stability of open gear operation, reduce the trouble caused by manual lubrication.

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