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How To Prevent Skin Allergies During The Use Of Hydraulic Oil Series?
Jul 01, 2017

How to prevent skin allergies during the use of Hydraulic Oil Series?
 A no matter how good the product, it can not be perfect, there are good and bad. In the metal production and processing process using Hydraulic Oil Series series, many workers in the course of the operation will reflect some skin allergies, some worse may be even more, from a lot of red dot, itching, people very uncomfortable. From the boss's point of view, the workers' physical and mental health is also to be placed in the first place, or no one is willing to work for you.

Skin allergy is a more professional problem, there are many reasons will lead to skin allergies, such as bacterial or viral infection, the spread of lice or scabies, different types of burns and dermatitis, etc. will cause skin allergies.

Dermatitis caused by contact, known as contact with dermatitis or exogenous dermatitis, is due to skin allergies caused by allergic reactions. It is difficult to completely avoid this skin sensitivity, because the skin is sensitive, even if exposed to a little bit of sensitive substances will cause the reaction, leading to dermatitis.

The waste generated during processing to stay in the skin surface, or clean the skin when the waste into the skin, causing the wound. Injured skin is untreated, from cutting debris and certain special bacteria, which are used as a medium for the cutting system and go to the wound, causing skin irritation. Whether it is cut or scratched, no matter how small the wound should be treated immediately.

Everyone's skin sensitivity is not the same, may be the same series of Hydraulic Oil Series, some people will be allergic to contact, some people safe and sound. After a certain period of adaptation, it will be better. In any case, the more contact with the Hydraulic Oil Series series, the higher the chance of causing skin allergies. So the use of a good series of Hydraulic Oil Series can reduce the appearance of skin allergies.
Surfactant is a substance that adds a small amount of a significant change in the interface state of the solution system. Hydraulic Oil Series series in the water-based Hydraulic Oil Series series is widely used, it is one of the main components of water-based Hydraulic Oil Series series, in the water-based Hydraulic Oil Series series play emulsification, cleaning, rust, extreme pressure lubrication and so on. The amount and type of Hydraulic Oil Series series will directly affect the performance of water-based Hydraulic Oil Series series.

Emulsifying effect

Emulsification is to make two kinds of immiscible liquid by means of the role of Hydraulic Oil Series series, reducing the interfacial tension between them, so that a liquid in a very small state evenly stable and low dispersion in another liquid. Emulsifier is a series of Hydraulic Oil Series, the molecules from the hydrophilic, lipophilic two groups. There are two factors in the stability of the emulsion oil: one is to reduce the oil-water interface tension, that is, to reduce the interface free energy, is conducive to the stability of the emulsion exists; Second, the emulsifier molecules at the interface of directional adsorption, The formation of a certain mechanical strength of the film, to prevent the dispersed phase droplets of the combined accumulation.

Cleaning effect

The cleaning effect of the Hydraulic Oil Series series is the result of the combined effect of lubrication, penetration, dispersion and the like. In the metal cutting process, the workpiece surface often sticky metal powder, sand, oil and other dirt. In order to remove these fouling, the Hydraulic Oil Series series has a certain washing capacity, can be added in the Hydraulic Oil Series series of alkaline substances such as sodium carbonate, triethanolamine, or other Hydraulic Oil Series series such as non-ionic Hydraulic Oil Series series such as flat plus, 0P- 7, OP-10, etc .; anionic Hydraulic Oil Series series such as fatty acid soap, sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, sodium dodecyl sulfate and so on. If the use of non-ionic Hydraulic Oil Series series and anionic Hydraulic Oil Series series can play a significant reduction in the role of Hydraulic Oil Series surface tension, so as to meet the Hydraulic Oil Series cleaning effect.

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