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How To Identify The Abnormal State Of The Hydraulic Oil Series
Aug 22, 2017

How to identify the abnormal state of the Hydraulic Oil Series

  Hydraulic Oil Series is considered hydraulic machinery "blood", the hydraulic system failure can be detected by Hydraulic Oil Series, observe the status of Hydraulic Oil Series to find the cause of the fault, thus troubleshooting.

1, Hydraulic Oil Series was turbid and accompanied by impurities

There are three types of impurities in the Hydraulic Oil Series, namely solid impurities (debris, solid particles, Hydraulic Oil Series of the formation of solid impurities, etc.), liquid impurities (mainly water, followed by Hydraulic Oil Series deterioration of the formation of viscous impurities ) And gaseous impurities (mainly air). If the Hydraulic Oil Series appears white turbidity phenomenon, can rule out the possibility of solid impurities or liquid viscous impurities, can only be caused by water or air. Sampling of Hydraulic Oil Series can be detected. The oil sample drops on the hot iron plate, if there is bubbles (water at high temperatures into water vapor bubbles), you can determine the Hydraulic Oil Series of water: otherwise the Hydraulic Oil Series contains air. If the series of hydraulic oil mixed with water caused by turbidity, the Hydraulic Oil Series for some time, so that the water sink to the bottom of the hydraulic oil box, and then remove the water can be. However, if the moisture content is too high lead to a series of hydraulic oil emulsification, you need to replace the new series of hydraulic oil. If it is determined that the Hydraulic Oil Series mixed with air caused by turbidity, should check whether the hydraulic system piping leakage, and cut off the air mixed source.

2, Hydraulic Oil Series of oil temperature anomalously increased

Hydraulic Oil Series of oil temperature abnormal increase in the main reasons are the following three aspects:

1 "is due to the safety valve pressure set value is too low, so that most of the hydraulic oil through the safety valve back to the tank, resulting in the hydraulic system to do too low efficiency, such as the load is too large, most of the energy will be converted into Hydraulic Oil Series of heat , Resulting in high temperatures:

2 "is due to the cooling effect of the cooling system is poor, resulting in the Hydraulic Oil Series temperature is too high;

3 "is a series of hydraulic oil in the oil circulation is too frequent (often caused by insufficient fuel), resulting in heat difficulties, the temperature increases.

Fault diagnosis should be from shallow to deep, first check the oil in the hydraulic oil box, if the oil is insufficient, should be added to the standard level. Filling should pay attention to the use of the same brand and model Hydraulic Oil Series, should be used before the filter.

If the amount of oil is appropriate, you need to check the oil cooling system is blocked, if the oil cooling system is blocked from the air circulation, should be promptly cleaned to ensure the normal flow of air, conducive to heat. Sometimes the fan tape is too loose, slippery, will also lead to reduced fan efficiency, cooling effect is not good, should promptly check, adjust, if necessary, replace the new tape.

If the oil, oil cooling system, the fan tape are no problem, you can determine the main safety valve set pressure is lower than the standard value. The pressure setting of the main safety valve should be adjusted again to the standard value.

3, Hydraulic Oil Series of dirty or abnormal color

Hydraulic Oil Series of dirty, dirty, may be due to long-term use of oil chemical changes; may also be too much physical changes have occurred. As long as the cause of these two changes to find the reasons, you can take appropriate measures.

In the absence of the necessary testing equipment, equipment, to determine whether the Hydraulic Oil Series is a chemical change or physical changes, a relatively simple and practical method is to use filter paper detection.

On the Hydraulic Oil Series of sampling, the oil drops to the filter paper to observe the formation of the oil halo, if the oil halo appears stratification, sub-circle phenomenon is obvious (the middle of the dirty, the more the edge of the more clear), that the Hydraulic Oil Series deterioration , Must replace the new oil; if the halo even spread out, indicating that the Hydraulic Oil Series of impurities too much, to timely check the oil filter, replace the filter, if necessary, replace the new Hydraulic Oil Series.

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