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How To Extend The Oil Processing Cycle Of Metal Working Fluid
Aug 01, 2017

How to extend the oil processing cycle of Metal Working Fluid
Metal processing fluid in the use of the process, even under normal temperature and pressure, will gradually oxidative decomposition, deterioration of color, emulsion acidification, not only hydraulic performance, decreased lubricity, but also corrosion parts, oxidative deterioration of the sediment produced, Will block the pipeline, resulting in control failure, and even lead to major accidents. Metal processing fluid, the price is often higher than ordinary metal processing fluid, and the service life is much longer than ordinary metal processing fluid. Therefore, the choice of high-quality lubricants, give full play to its quality advantage, reasonable extension of the oil drain cycle, can extend the hydraulic system and the entire equipment maintenance cycle and service life, to bring huge economic benefits.
  Determine and affect the metal processing fluid oil cycle factors are many, summed up, mainly in the following three areas:
       1, the quality of metal processing fluid itself
       Metal Working Fluid are generally composed of refined mineral oil, base oil and several improved additives. Both have a significant impact on the oil change cycle.
       Mineral oil composition is complex, these components antioxidant stability vary, resulting in different use of the cycle. In addition, mineral oils also contain natural "antioxidants", such as high molecular weight sulfur-containing polycyclic compounds, and "promoting oxidation components" such as water, oxygenated hydrocarbons and certain metal compounds. When the antioxidant components than the oxidation of components, the base oil oxidation speed is slow, the use of long cycle, on the contrary, the oxidation speed, the use of short cycle. Mineral oil composition by the origin of crude oil composition of a great impact, but ultimately depends on the refining process and refining depth. Therefore, the choice of base oil not only affects the use of metal processing fluid performance, but also affect its service life.
       Additives are the essence of Metal Working Fluid, can greatly improve the metal processing fluid performance indicators. The antioxidant can passivate the oxidation promoting component in the metalworking fluid, and can cause the interruption of the oxidation chain reaction, which greatly improves the oxidation stability of the metalworking fluid and prolongs the useful life of the metalworking liquid. High-quality Metal Working Fluid contain a variety of additives, its performance is much higher than ordinary Metal Working Fluid, the use of natural cycle than ordinary metal processing fluid much longer. In particular, metal processing fluids, in addition to containing antioxidants, anti-emulsion, anti-rust agent, anti-foaming agent and other additives, but also contains extreme pressure anti-wear agent, has reduced the hydraulic pump and hydraulic system wear, extend the hydraulic system Life, and because of reduced endogenous pollution, but also help to extend the use of metalworking cycle.
       The Metal Working Fluid are carefully formulated with deep refined high quality isomerized dewaxed paraffinic mineral oil as base oil and excellent performance additives. Special effects anti-sludge formation of patented technology, it has an extraordinary clean effect, and provide a longer life, the industry as a clean expert. The life of the gear oil is higher than that of the ordinary metal working fluid, and it conforms to the major hydraulic equipment of the world. The quality of the working fluid is higher than that of the ordinary metal working fluid. Manufacturer of quality requirements.

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