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How To Choose The Cutting Fluid Correctly
Nov 01, 2017

How to choose the cutting fluid correctly

Reasonable choice of cooling lubricating fluid can effectively reduce the friction during cutting and improve the heat dissipation conditions, and reduce the friction, cutting temperature and tool wear, can improve the tool durability, cutting efficiency and processing surface quality and reduce the processing cost of the product The In the selection of cutting fluid, there are four key issues to consider.


1. What is the material to be processed?

The workpiece material processed in the workshop is varied. If the vast majority of the machined parts are aluminum or non-ferrous metals, the cutting fluid is carefully selected for cutting. In general, to choose to prevent non-ferrous metal parts of the oxidation of the cutting fluid.


2. What is the process?

Different cutting types, metal removal characteristics are not the same, more difficult cutting of the cutting fluid requirements are also higher, so we should be based on process requirements and cutting characteristics of the choice of cutting fluid. Rough processing, the election should be selected cooling effect of good cutting fluid; finishing, should be selected lubrication effect of good cutting fluid; processing hole, should use extreme pressure cutting fluid; grinding, should use the cleaning effect of good cutting fluid.


3. Does it contain harmful substances?

In order to adapt to a variety of lubrication requirements and improve the performance of cutting fluid, the need to add a variety of additives in the cutting fluid. Some manufacturers in order to save costs, may choose not environmentally friendly additives. Non-environmentally friendly cutting fluid in the process of long-term mechanical operators in contact with the use of physical health will be affected. Rolitone lubrication that the choice of environmentally friendly non-hazardous substances in the cutting fluid is very important, the staff themselves also need to pay attention to self-protection. Rolitone lubrication of the cutting fluid through the ISO9001, ROHS, SGS, CTI and other authoritative certification, excluding international environmental laws and regulations restricted the use of hazardous substances.


4. How to solve the problem of emissions?

Reasonable use of cutting fluid and proper disposal of waste cutting fluid is the responsibility of each person concerned with the cutting fluid. The harm of cutting fluid to the environment is mainly reflected in the waste water on the water and soil pollution. The harm of cutting fluid to the environment is mainly reflected in the waste water on the water and soil pollution. Therefore, the choice of environmentally friendly cutting fluid is very important. Processing manufacturers should be active in the professional guidance of the use of environmentally friendly, high-quality products, improve the level of workshop management, both to reduce waste emissions, in the long run can bring better economic benefits. Rolitone lubrication of the working fluid long life, environmental protection, zero emissions, you can solve the problem of cutting fluid discharge.


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