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How To Choose Industrial Gear Oils
Oct 23, 2017

How to choose Industrial Gear Oils
1, color cutting oil color and base oil refining depth and the added curing agent. Different types of Industrial Gear Oils color is also a big difference, such as deep hole drilling Industrial Gear Oils and gear Industrial Gear Oils color is not the same. In the use or storage process with the oil oxidation, deterioration of the degree. Such as milky white, there are water or bubbles exist; color becomes dark, the oxidation of deterioration or pollution. In the purchase must be carefully observed vulcanized Industrial Gear Oils color, to prevent the deterioration of the product.
2, viscosity Viscosity is the most important Industrial Gear Oils and the most basic performance indicators. Most Industrial Gear Oilss are classified according to the kinematic viscosity. The greater the viscosity of the Industrial Gear Oils, the thicker the film formed, which is conducive to high load, but its poor mobility, which also increases the mechanical movement of the resistance, or can not flow to the need to lubricate the site, resulting in loss of lubrication.
3, viscosity temperature characteristics of temperature changes, the Industrial Gear Oils viscosity also will change. As the temperature increases, the viscosity decreases and vice versa. Industrial Gear Oils viscosity with temperature characteristics of the characteristics of Industrial Gear Oils viscosity characteristics, it is one of the important indicators of Industrial Gear Oils. There are two ways to express the viscosity characteristics of Industrial Gear Oilss: one is the viscosity ratio and the other is the viscosity index VI. The viscosity index is derived from the assumed viscosity index of the two standard oils. The greater the VI value of an oil, the smaller the change in viscosity with temperature, and the better the viscosity-temperature characteristics of the oil.
4, pour point and pour point freezing point is the provisions of the cooling conditions in the oil to stop the flow of the maximum temperature, the general use of Industrial Gear Oils temperature should be higher than the freezing point of 5 ~ 7 ℃. The pour point can be measured according to the method specified in GB / T510-83. Pour point is the oil under the conditions of the provisions of the cooling to continue to flow the minimum temperature, but also the ultimate temperature of oil flow, it can better reflect the low temperature fluid flow, the actual use of better than the pour point. The minimum operating temperature of Industrial Gear Oils should be higher than the pour point of oil above 30 ℃.
5, flash point flash point is an indicator of oil evaporation. The greater the oil evaporation, the lower the flash point. At the same time, the flash point is the indicator of the risk of ignition of petroleum products. In the selection of Industrial Gear Oils, should be based on the use of temperature and Industrial Gear Oils to determine the working conditions. Low flash point of the oil in the process of smoking will occur, such as damage to the lathe, a serious fire will occur. Generally believed that the flash point than the use of high temperature 20 ~ 30 ℃ can be safe to use.
6, acid value refers to the acid value and 1 grams of oil in all the acidic substances required potassium hydroxide in milligrams, the unit is mgKOH / g. For new oils, the acid value indicates the depth of the oil refining or the addition of the additive (when the acid additive is added); for the old oil, the acid value indicates the degree of oxidative deterioration. General Industrial Gear Oils in the storage and use of the process, due to a certain temperature in the air with the reaction of oxygen to generate a certain organic acid, or due to the consumption of alkaline additives, oil acid value will change. Therefore, the acid value is too large that oxidative deterioration is serious, should consider the oil change.
7, water-soluble acid and alkali (also known as the reaction) This is mainly used to identify the Industrial Gear Oils in the refining process whether the inorganic acid and alkali washed clean; in the storage, use, whether the inorganic acid pollution Packaging, improper storage and make the oil oxidation decomposition, resulting in organic acids, resulting in oil-soluble water-soluble acid and alkali. Generally speaking, oil is not allowed to water-soluble acid and alkali, otherwise, with water, steam contact with oil easily corrosion machinery and equipment.

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