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How Is The Odor Of The Hydraulic Oil Series?
Jun 23, 2017

How is the odor of the Hydraulic Oil Series?
Hydraulic oil series odor may be many users have encountered problems, there are many customers to the hydraulic oil series of manufacturers to respond to this phenomenon, then by Xiaobian for you to answer.
The production of liquid oil odor
There are many reasons for the production of the hydraulic oil series, first of all in the hydraulic oil inside the concentrated solution which already exists in the smell, then the series of diluted oil after the smell, which is to distinguish.
Followed by the hydraulic oil series of concentrated liquid compatibility problems. Such as triethanolamine oleic acid soap-based synthetic hydraulic oil inside the use of the Kaisong fungicide, Kaiser and acid to play a chemical reaction to produce other heavy smell of the material; there is the hydraulic oil series of raw materials itself There are heavy smell, such as: animal oleic acid, vegetable oleic acid, fungicide, ammonia and so on.
Finally, because the series of hydraulic oil diluted in the course of the use of metal ions mixed with iron oxide, which is often said that the iron smell; hydraulic oil series dilution in the course of the use of antibacterial properties, anaerobic bacteria, So as to show the speed of tens of thousands of times multiply, making the hydraulic oil series of fat and other organic matter generated by deterioration.
In the anti-rust hydraulic oil series is also a series of hydraulic oil products, then today to explain the series of anti-rust hydraulic oil in the grinding "burn" is not enough cooling or lubrication it?
Rust-proof hydraulic oil series in the grinding when the "burn" blue and other issues are rust-proof hydraulic oil series in the local temperature caused by excessive overheating. Grinding high-speed machining, in the grinding point to produce instantaneous high temperature, so "burn" problem in the grinding process sometimes occurs. Anti-rust hydraulic oil series of cooling effect is through the solid and liquid two-phase heat transfer, the grinding wheel and the workpiece on the cumulative heat in time to keep it at a lower temperature level to ensure that the workpiece size and ease of demolition operating.
This cooling is an indirect, more direct way is to improve the anti-rust hydraulic oil series in the grinding area of the lubrication conditions to reduce the heat generated by friction, so that the amount of party law is more effective. Therefore, anti-rust hydraulic oil series should be burned by improving the series of hydraulic oil to solve the lubrication.

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