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How Important Is The Slide-way Oil Series In Mechanical Manufacturing?
Sep 12, 2017

How important is the Slide-way Oil Series in mechanical manufacturing?
Mechanical manufacturing is mainly divided into two categories: metal processing and parts assembly. Metal processing includes metal cutting and metal plastic processing. Lubricating Slide-way Oil Series are often used in the process of metal processing.
Metal cutting is to point to in the process of metal machining, using cutting tool in cutting process again add lubricating Slide-way Oil Series, the metal spare parts into a tiny scrap metal or metal thus removed from the body to get people to the required shape of metal processing methods, such as cars, milling, planing, grinding, sawing, drilling, reaming, tapping and so on.
In the process of metal cutting, tools are commonly used in the cutting process. The cutting tool can be made of various materials, and the tip (not necessarily the acute Angle) can be used to cut metal. In the process of metal plastic processing, external forces are used to achieve the purpose through various molds. The geometry of the machining parts of the mold is always in line with the geometry of the finished part of the finished product. Whether it is metal cutting or metal plastic processing, most of the processing is to use the lubricating Slide-way Oil Series.
The lubricating Slide-way Oil Series has a certain washing performance, which can be used in the process of metal cutting. If the metal scraps is not from the workspace discharged in time, cutting cannot continue, on the one hand, chip will accumulate in the narrow space between cutter and workpiece, the cutting cannot continue, especially in deep hole drill is most typical.
If there is no use in the process of metal cutting, lubricating Slide-way Oil Series, will influence the cutting quality, such as the surface finish, lower the quality of cutting, grinding chip embedded person when grinding wheel hard obstruction of sand with workpiece contact between the sand. Finally, chip can increase the wear and damage of the tool. Metal Slide-way Oil Series Lower chip and friction between workpiece and tool, accelerate the speed of chip removal, also as the flow of liquid metal lubricating Slide-way Oil Series, the chip away from the workspace in time, have a plenty of use of lubricating Slide-way Oil Series of injection pressure to scrap out; Some of the lubricating Slide-way Oil Series have good settling properties. The fine grinding is quickly settled and not suspended in the lubricating Slide-way Oil Series and recycled to the processing zone.
From the above mentioned above, the lubricating Slide-way Oil Series provides the importance of washing in the process of metal processing. Therefore, in the process of metal processing, it must be reasonable to choose the suitable metal Slide-way Oil Series.
The metal lubricating Slide-way Oil Series has good cooling performance, lubricating property, anti-rust property, anti-corrosion function, anti-corrosion function and easy dilution characteristics. There are many ways to use the oil
1. Turning operation of metal lubricating Slide-way Oil Series: the liquid nozzle of the lathe should be able to make a nozzle at the front and back of the cutter. They cool knives and workpieces together.
In the turning operation, the coolant must be supplied to the region in chip production. For turning and orientation, the nozzle should directly make the coolant supply direct. In heavy cutting, the nozzles will be desirable, above and below, which are the preferred slip-Slide-way Oil Series at the top and bottom of the open section.
2. Grinding process of metal lubricating Slide-way Oil Series: the grinding of a lot of heat, due to the numerous small blades, each of the occurrence of heat to reduce. The lubricating Slide-way Oil Series coolant is the best time to grind. If possible, use dual nozzle flood coolant, a wheel on the left and right. Stick to the nozzle and get close to it. It is recommended that you apply a virtual block to the artifact. This contributes to the reduction of the task of satisfying the coolant. No virtual blocks are used in this case, and this tube of satisfied coolant opens at the beginning.
Circular grinding, nozzle slightly larger than wheel should be used. This ensures that the entire surface is swallowed up. When grinding, the grinding wheel should be as large as possible. Slide-way Oil Series The wheel should be about 75% diameter in the workpiece hole. This does not cool the space to the hole. Ensure that a quantity of coolant flow into the hole.

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