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How Does The Compressor Oils Series Extend The Use Of Time And Maximize The Economic Benefits
Aug 10, 2017

How does the Compressor Oils Series extend the use of time and maximize the economic benefits
When using the Compressor Oils Series, in order to improve the accuracy of the workpiece and eliminate the Compressor Oils Series, in order to prevent corrosion of workpieces and machine tools, in order to save costs and improve the efficiency of the idea, so extend the water Compressor Oils Series of use time and economic benefits Maximization has become the focus of attention.
 This article mainly for you to answer the water Compressor Oils Series how to extend the use of time and maximize the economic benefits of the problem, I hope to help you.
First, the main performance of the water-based Compressor Oils Series needs to include the following:
① has good cooling performance. During the cutting process, the conversion of heat into the workpiece, making the workpiece becomes dark, affecting its processing accuracy and quality, good cooling performance is critical;
② lubrication performance. Good lubricity, can reduce the workpiece surface friction and wear, extend the service life;
③ cleaning performance. Good cleaning performance, can reduce the adhesion of chips such as cleaning;
④ anti-rust performance. Good anti-rust performance of the workpiece in the processing and processing of the short term does not produce corrosion, the circulatory system will not produce corrosion within the phenomenon.
In addition, also requires water-based Compressor Oils Series with anti-foam, anti-bacterial properties, and environmental non-toxic and so on.
Second, the water Compressor Oils Series in use also pay attention to the following two points
① the machine equipment rinse with water, and disinfection, so that the Compressor Oils Series of service life can be extended;
② according to the processing time and the use of working fluid time, all the regular replacement of the Compressor Oils Series, the replacement of the Compressor Oils Series is the most important equipment is rinse with water.
Again, the Compressor Oils Series maintenance links can not be ignored.
① control compressor oil PH value: If the pH is too high, may cause skin allergies; too low, anti-rust and antibacterial effect will be affected, likely to cause rust and Compressor Oils Series smelly phenomenon;
② monitoring concentration: should regularly monitor the use of water-based compressor oil concentration, pay attention to changes in concentration. If the concentration is too low, should be timely to add new liquid; concentration disorders in addition to odor will cause serious corrosion, it is because the fine impurities mixed in the Compressor Oils Series, a large number of impurities accumulated in the bottom, making the Compressor Oils Series surface Layer of oil, a long time to reduce the oxygen, the Compressor Oils Series of nutrients are depleted, the Compressor Oils Series gradually evolved into acid, which smell, smell. If you do not clean up or do not use the filter equipment for a long time, not only increase the cost of replacing the Compressor Oils Series, but also bring serious corrosive, corrosion processing of the workpiece, affecting its accuracy and gloss;
③ clean up the oil slick: regularly check the water compressor oil tank oil tank oil, timely removal of impurities and oil, to ensure adequate oxygen system, making the Compressor Oils Series fresh. Thereby improving the performance of the Compressor Oils Series, to avoid deterioration;
④ reasonable addition of fungicides, control of microbial biomass, to extend the water Compressor Oils Series of service life;
⑤ regular cleaning of water-based Compressor Oils Series of circular lines, in time to clean up one of the metal shavings, powder, mold mucus, Compressor Oils Series of its own decomposition products, so as to avoid clogging to ensure the smooth flow of the circulatory system.

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