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How Do You Maintain The Cutting Fluid In Summer ?
Jul 31, 2018

The summer weather is hot and the air is relatively hydrated, which provides a good "growth" condition for the growth of bacteria. It is easy to cause parts to rust or corrode. If the steel products are rusted, the so-called "long hair" phenomenon occurs after the aluminum products are corroded. In the metal processing, the processing liquid has the properties of cooling, lubrication, cleaning and rust prevention, and has become an indispensable medium in the metal processing.

However, active elements and surfactants such as sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine in the metalworking fluid, as well as aliphatic bacterial nutrients, are prone to spoilage and spoilage in such high temperature environments. How do you maintain the cutting fluid?


1. Store and store the cutting fluid as much as possible indoors and store at a temperature of 5-40 °C. If you are outdoors, be sure to avoid direct sunlight. However, in summer, it must not be stored outdoors, because the summer temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the cutting fluid to deteriorate, especially the water-based cutting fluid should pay more attention.

2. To prevent rainwater from entering. If rainwater is mixed into the oil-based cutting fluid, it will cause a decrease in lubricity and rust resistance. If it is mixed into the water-based cutting fluid, it may cause additive separation or coagulation.

3. Regularly use the refractometer to test the concentration parameter of the cutting fluid. Because the concentration is too high, the cutting fluid is likely to be allergic to the skin product of the operator. Too low a concentration will cause a large number of bacteria to multiply.

4. When the pH of the cutting fluid is too low, a new cutting fluid should be added in time to increase the pH value, and pay attention to maintain a certain stability. When the pH of the cutting fluid is 8.5-9.5, the bacteria are difficult to survive.

5. Minimize the oil leaking from the machine tool and mix it into the cutting fluid because the oil used in the machine tool contains bacteria. Sterilize or preventive sterilization if necessary.

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