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Good Lubricity Of Metal Working Fluid Is Not Necessarily High Quality Metal Working Fluid
Aug 10, 2017

Good lubricity of Metal Working Fluid is not necessarily high quality Metal Working Fluid
    At present, there are many metal processing manufacturers have such an idea that the lubrication of good Metal Working Fluid is a high-quality Metal Working Fluid. In fact, this is a very one-sided view, today, Dongguan Jingsi Metal Working Fluid to explain why the lubrication performance of Metal Working Fluid is not necessarily a high-quality Metal Working Fluid.

    Good lubrication of Metal Working Fluid is high-quality Metal Working Fluid, which is a widely misunderstanding of the problem, some people always think that to improve the quality of metalworking fluid or quality grade is to continuously improve the Metal Working Fluid extreme pressure, lubrication And attempts to divide the quality of Metal Working Fluid with the lubricity of Metal Working Fluid. As mentioned earlier, the performance requirements of Metal Working Fluid are multifaceted, and their performance should be determined according to the needs of practical applications. Lubrication performance is only one of the many functions of metal Metal Working Fluid is not the higher the better lubrication, excessive lubrication will often bring the opposite effect of negative effects, such as extreme pressure produced by chemical wear, can greatly shorten the tool life, extreme pressure (Eg, chemical film) to the post-processing and application of the workpiece (eg, some metal parts used in the atomic energy industry and the electronics industry), the use of lubricating additives and the surface of the workpiece to form the adsorption film (especially chemical film) cause trouble.
Machinery manufacturing is divided into metal processing and parts assembly two categories, including metal processing, including metal cutting and metal plastic processing. Metal Working Fluid are often used in the metalworking process.
    Metal cutting refers to the metal processing process, the use of tools and then in the cutting process to add metalworking fluid, the excess part of the metal cut into smaller pieces of metal or metal sheet to remove from the main body to get people asked the metal shape Processing methods such as cars, milling, planing, grinding, sawing, drilling, hinging, tapping and so on.
    Metal plastic processing refers to the metal processing process, the external force of the plastic deformation of the metal to change the shape of the metal processing methods, the process is generally no or almost no metal shavings are removed, so, also known as less cutting Such as calendering, stretching, forging, molding, drawing and other processing.
    Metal cutting process generally use similar tool tools, tools can be made of a variety of materials, the tip (not necessarily an acute angle) from the role of cutting metal. Metal plastic processing process generally use external force through a variety of molds to achieve their goals. The geometry of the machined part of the mold always coincides with the geometry of the finished part of the finished product. Whether it is metal cutting, or metal plastic processing, in the processing process, most of the use of cutting fluid.
Air compressor Metal Working Fluid to add the amount must be appropriate, if too much will cause the unit to increase the resistance to increase the unit's power consumption, and lubrication parts easily overheated and lead to deterioration of metalworking fluid; oil oil bubbles, Emulsification, resulting in poor lubrication, shortening the service life of air compressor.
Metal Working Fluid viscosity grade is too high, Metal Working Fluid will cause the pump pump performance is poor, the flow is reduced, and its lubrication performance and cooling performance deterioration, easy to make the required lubrication mechanism to produce semi-dry friction, causing burned, Such as the occurrence of fault accidents.

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