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Focus On The Rational Indicators Of The Slide-way Oil Series
Jul 20, 2017

Focus on the rational indicators of the Slide-way Oil Series

1, viscosity,

The viscosity reflects the internal friction of the Slide-way Oil Series, which is an indicator of the oil and fluidity of the Slide-way Oil Series. Without any functional additives, the higher the viscosity, the higher the oil film strength and the worse the liquidity.

2. Viscosity index

The viscosity index indicates that the viscosity of the Slide-way Oil Series varies with temperature. The higher the viscosity index, the less the viscosity of the oil series viscosity is affected by the temperature, the better the viscosity-temperature performance, the worse the other.

3, flash point

Flash point is an indicator of the evaporation of the Slide-way Oil Series. The lighter fraction of the Slide-way Oil Series, the greater the evaporation, the lower the flash point. Conversely, the heavier fraction of the oil series, the smaller the evaporation, the higher the flash point. At the same time, flash point is the indicator that oil product fire danger. The dangerous grade of Slide-way Oil Series is divided according to the flash point, flash point below 45 ℃ for inflammables, more than 45 ℃ for flammable products, and in a series of oil storage and transportation process of it is forbidden to heat the oil series to its flash point temperature. In the same viscosity, the higher the flash point, the better. Therefore, users should choose the Slide-way Oil Series based on the working conditions of the temperature and Slide-way Oil Series. It is generally believed that high flash point than using temperature 20 ~ 30 ℃, can safe use.

4, the freezing point and the tipping point

The freezing point refers to the highest temperature in which the oil series stops flowing in the regulated cooling conditions. The solidification of oil series is very different from that of pure compound. The Slide-way Oil Series does not have a clear set temperature. The so-called "coagulation" is only as a whole that loses liquidity, and not all components become solid.

The freezing point of oil is an important quality index for the low temperature fluidity of Slide-way Oil Series. It is important for production, transportation and use. The freezing oil series can not be used at low temperature. On the contrary, there is no need to use a low-freezing oil series in warmer areas. The lower the freezing point of the oil series, the higher the cost of production, resulting in unnecessary waste. In general, Slide-way Oil Series solidifying point is lower than the lowest temperature using the environment should be 5 ~ 7 ℃. However, it is also mentioned that in selecting the low temperature Slide-way Oil Series, it should be considered in combination with the freezing point, low temperature viscosity and viscosity-temperature characteristics of the Slide-way Oil Series. Because of the low freezing oil series, the low temperature viscosity and viscosity-temperature properties may not meet the requirements.

Both the freezing point and the tipping point are the indicators of the low temperature fluidity of the oil series, and the difference between them is a little different. The same series of lubricating oil solidifying point and pour point is not equal, pour point are usually 2 ~ 3 ℃ higher than the freezing point, but there are exceptions.

5, moisture

Moisture is the percentage of water content in an all-synthetic green machine oil, usually a percentage of weight. The presence of moisture in Slide-way Oil Series, will destroy the Slide-way Oil Series of oil film formation, make the lubrication effect, accelerate organic acid on the corrosion of the metal, corrosion equipment, make the Slide-way Oil Series easy to produce sediment. In short, the less water in the oil series, the better.

6. Boundary pump temperature

The internal boundary pump temperature is the minimum temperature that can continuously provide the engine oil to the engine pump inlet. It is the starting temperature of the winter Slide-way Oil Series.

7, freezing point

The temperature of the death of the liquid world.

It is a key measure to measure the low temperature flow.

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