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Flash Point
Mar 21, 2017


In the determination of conditions, lubricant oil steam via heat evaporation on an oil and air mixture, with flames reaching the short-lived Flash called flash point the lowest temperature. Expressed in degrees.

Determination of flash point according to its method closed cup flash point and two open cup flash point. Light is used during the test, which applies to the measuring medium and heavy oil. Open Cup flash point greater than of the same oil closed cup flash point.

The flash point of use:

A. flash point of a city that contain light fractions of oil, so as to determine the suitable temperature. Oil flash-point level of severity depends on the quality of lubricating oil or lubricating oil is mixed with the light components light components in the content, light lubricating oil or lubricating oils containing lightweight components, its low flash point. Instead, heavy flash point of lubricating oil or lubricating oils with low light-weight components, its high flash point.

B. flash point is the safe use and storage of important indicators. Use and storage temperature should be below the flash point 20~30℃. Flammable and combustible materials are also divided by the flash point. From a security perspective, security of oil products are classified according to their flash point and: flash point greater than 45 degrees centigrade for flammable products, flammable flash point less than 45 ℃. Oil flash point is oil storage, transportation and use of a security index, is also a volatile indicator of lubricating oil. Lubricating oil with low flash point, high volatile, is apt to catch fire, poor security, oil volatility high, easy evaporation losses during the working process, which even caused lubricant viscosity increases, affecting the use of lubricants. Flash points such as a sudden decrease of the heavy oil, light oil mixed with the accident may occur.

C. flash point also said the evaporation of oil. High flash point of the oil evaporate small.

D. turbine oils, transformer oil flash-point decline in oil oxidation, a general decline in physiological change oil.

Are open cup method and the determination of flash point closed cup method. Open Cup method for the determination of flash point heavy oil and dark oil, by GB/T 267-88. For determination of flash point closed cup method at 150 ℃ below the flash point of light lubricating oil and method for the GB/T 2641-83. With a lube oil, higher than open cup flash point closed cup flash point, open cup flash point Tester oil vapors produced by free to air, relatively easy Flash temperature is reached. Usually higher than open cup flash point closed cup flash point 20-30.

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