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Fake Lubrication Industry Six Major Hazards, This Must Know!
Nov 03, 2017

Fake Lubrication Industry six major hazards, this must know!
The lubricant industry is the "blood" of the engine, that's quite important. Fake lubricant industry in the end is how a fake law? Here to tell you, the use of fake Lubrication Industry what harm.
1, fake Lubrication Industry does not have enough thick film, it is difficult to avoid mechanical wear.
There is a rapid relative sliding between the piston and the cylinder, the main shaft and the bearing bush. In order to prevent wear on the sliding surface due to sliding, we need to create an oil film on both sliding surfaces. A film of sufficient thickness separates the relatively sliding parts surfaces, reducing wear. Fake Lubrication Industry usually can not generate thick enough film, the engine wear and tear, the problem naturally a steady stream of.
2, fake Lubrication Industry can not help heat, easily lead to high engine temperature.
The specific heat capacity of the lubricating oil industry is low, and does not have the cooling effect in itself. However, when the engine is working, the fuel combustion will generate a lot of heat, which requires the lubricating oil industry to bring the heat back to the fuel tank and then emit it. Fake Lubrication Industry is difficult to help heat, easily lead to dry friction, causing the engine temperature is too high and so on.
3, fake Lubrication Industry, poor cleaning performance, unable to clean the engine.
Good Lubrication Industry through the flow of the engine parts on the carbide, sludge, wear metal particles through the loop back to the lubricant industry box. However, fake lubricant industry, poor performance cleaning, if you use the fake lubricant industry, you will find that the engine is easy to produce carbon deposits, sludge and other dirt.
4, fake Lubrication Industry sealing performance is poor, easily lead to cylinder pressure leaks, increase fuel consumption and emissions.
The lubricant industry creates a "seal" between the piston ring and the cylinder wall to reduce gas leakage and ensure adequate pressure in the cylinder. Fake Lubrication Industry does not have this effect, therefore, the use of fake Lubrication Industry can easily lead to cylinder pressure leaked, then the engine can not output enough power, it will lead to higher fuel consumption, increased emissions, the lubricant industry, consumption of a series of problems .
5, fake Lubrication Industry rust poor, accelerate the corrosion of metal parts.
Lubricating oil can be attached to the surface of parts to prevent the contact of water, air, acid substances and harmful gas with the parts. But fake Lubrication Industry's poor adhesion, it will accelerate the oxidation of metal parts, leading to serious corrosion.
6, fake lubricants poor lubrication industry, can not play a buffer on the impact of the load.
When the engine cylinder port pressure rises sharply, the piston, piston debris, connecting rod and crankshaft bearing load will become very large, but through the bearing lubrication, the load can be a reasonable buffer. Fake Lubrication Industry, poor lubrication, which led to it is very difficult to play such a buffer for such loads over time, it will cause mechanical failure.

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