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Dry Cutting Processing Is Not To Use Any Metal Working Fluid Processing
Sep 12, 2017

Dry cutting processing is not to use any Metal Working Fluid processing

What kind of metal processing fluid is better than rust? As is known to all, Metal Working Fluid plays a key role especially in the mechanical processing, the reason will be widely used machining center, because the metal processing fluid has many excellent properties such as cooling, lubrication, cleaning, rust etc, however the rust resistance of Metal Working Fluid is especially important for mechanical parts. The reason is that the workpiece may not be able to carry out the next process, which requires the workpiece to have certain corrosion resistance, which can be stored for a period of time without rust. The anti-rust property of metal working fluid is introduced in detail below, so as to improve the machining quality of cutting workpiece.

Metal Working Fluid products on the market a lot of more phyletic, the performance also each are not identical, use the manufacturer should be based on workpiece quality requirements to choose the appropriate cutting products used in machining, the machining center according to choose metal processing fluid? What better rust resistance of the liquid in metal processing is the most concern of the manufacturer, cutting parts, machine tools and cutting tools are not affected by the surrounding medium (such as air, water, hand sweat) corrosion, the following is to know what's good rust resistance method, Metal Working Fluid machining center when the choice can be reference. Glass metal working fluid

In uncertain circumstances, the performance of Metal Working Fluid can small trial on the workpiece cutting products, after the completion of the process to see if meet the requirement of rust, and specific operation such as the use of blank on the plane, in a metal machining liquid (diluted) chip in a white paper, with the cup buckle button (full), to keep moisture humidity, look at a few days or a few hours after the rust on a blank sheet of paper.

The anticorrosive properties of Metal Working Fluid are different in the Metal Working Fluid adsorption film, and its anti-rust effect is different. The material with strong adsorption film has good rust resistance. The strength of the adsorption film depends on the adsorption capacity of the metal working fluid. Adsorption can be divided into physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. The chemical adsorption film is stronger than the physical adsorption membrane, so it can form chemical adsorption membrane with metal. It is also the physical adsorption, the polar molecule non-polar molecule adsorption ground solid; The lubrication film formed by the polar molecule depends on the strength of the polar group of the polar molecule, and the stronger the polarity, the stronger the adsorption film formed.

A good quality lubricant is a variety of engine cover products, formula contains a variety of additives, everything in the anti-wear agent, and the balance of lubricating oil is the most particular about formula to ensure full play of performance. The addition of other additives not only can not only provide the vehicle with the cover, but also can produce the reaction with the chemical material in the oil, resulting in the oil comprehensive performance of the landing.

Metal Working Fluid lubrication in the cutting process, reduces the rake face and chip, after the blade surface and the machined surface, the friction between form part of the lubricating film, so as to reduce the cutting force, friction and power consumption, reduce the surface temperature of the cutting tool and workpiece blank friction parts and tool wear and improve the machinability of workpiece materials.

Dry cutting processing is not to use any Metal Working Fluid processing, it can eliminate the disadvantages of traditional wet processing easily, it is a deep revolution of cutting technology. Because dry cutting conforms to the requirements of today's green manufacturing technology, it is a promising new cutting technology. However, dry cutting has the characteristics of high temperature and large cutting force, and there are no problems in wet machining. At present, dry cutting technology is still very immature, its application scope is very limited.

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