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Do Metal Processing To Pay Attention To Metal Working Fluid Replacement Matters
Oct 23, 2017

Do metal processing to pay attention to Metal Working Fluid replacement matters
1. Replacement / addition of metal processing machine Machine Metal Working Fluid, the original metal processing equipment must be dumped and thoroughly cleaned; otherwise the original Metal Working Fluid will have deteriorated will likely lead to the rapid replacement of Metal Working Fluid Metamorphism. Production process to add Metal Working Fluid, be sure to follow the instructions on the use of the order to add, do not add water without Metal Working Fluid, otherwise it may lead to rust products.
2. Metalworking liquid liquid watered to join the machine, should not be long-term stand still, the machine is not produced, it is best to open the pump every day, Metal Working Fluid circulation for 30 minutes.
3. Wash the working fluid tank
The old metalworking fluid to be changed often contains a large amount of metal powder and dirt, and a certain amount of processed debris and dirt are accumulated in the pipeline. Therefore, before the liquid change, in addition to the mechanical means to remove the accumulated dirt Objects, the system must also be cleaned to prevent the infection of new liquid, resulting in rapid cracking of new liquid. System cleaning can be added with water plus metal cleaning agent, open the working fluid pump cycle for several hours, while cleaning the dirt inside the table, you can.
4. Water quality choice
Metal Working Fluid more than 90% of the composition of water, so the quality of Metal Working Fluid quality is critical. If the water hardness is too large, calcium and magnesium in water will react with the active ingredients in the metalworking fluid to produce flocs and precipitate, affecting the performance of the metalworking fluid; if the water hardness is too small, it is easy to blister. So in the liquid before the need to be based on the performance of Metal Working Fluid to choose the appropriate dilution of the hardness of water, the conditions of the manufacturers can use tap water in the initial distribution, and in the addition process using deionized water to achieve better Use effect.
5. Defoaming performance
Metal Working Fluid can produce large amounts of foam during recycling. The production of foams leads to a decrease in the cooling performance of the metalworking fluid and the deterioration of the settling capacity of the working debris. Metal Working Fluid bubble is more complex reasons, in addition to the Metal Working Fluid used in the raw material foam capacity, but also with the liquid jet pressure, tank design, Metal Working Fluid level and other factors. In the field maintenance can usually add appropriate amount of defoamer.
The lubricating oil used in the mechanical equipment leaks to the surface of the metalworking fluid to isolate the metalworking fluid from the air. It reduces the oxygen content of the metalworking fluid and produces favorable conditions for the growth of the bacteria and, as a result, The
Bacteria rely on eating Metal Working Fluid within the fat, corrosion inhibitors and emulsifiers and other ingredients to survive. If there is no control, they can reproduce at a very fast pace. And chemical changes, making the emulsion acid, destabilizing stability, and even Metal Working Fluid to lose the effect.
Water-based Metal Working Fluid have good cooling and safety performance and are increasingly widely used. However, water-based Metal Working Fluid are also ideal for microbial growth. A large group of suitable microorganisms will grow in Metal Working Fluid. The main reason for the failure of metalworking fluid. In this paper, we first point out that the water-based Metal Working Fluid constitutes the ideal environment for microbial growth and the microbial population which may grow in it, and then analyzes the physical and chemical factors that affect the growth of microorganisms, namely, temperature, pH, matrix activity and radiation and ultrasound. Discussed possible measures and methods to prevent microbial growth.

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