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Common Problems And Solving Methods Of Deep Hole Drilling Cutting Oil
Jan 13, 2017

And process analysis

When drilling deep holes, heat sink and chip removal difficult, and poor due to pipe elongated and rigid, easy to bending and vibration. General pressure cooling system with cooling and chip, if improper lubrication and cooling medium used, is very prone to the following questions:

1. smoke

2. the chip is not smooth

3. drill bit wear

Wide range of deep hole drilling cutting oil on the market, compared with conventional cutting oils, recipes are basically the same, but to viscosity differ. Faced with these problems, we just scientific analysis of various technological processing characteristics, clearly understand the chlorine, phosphorus, sulfur mechanism of the three extreme pressure-antiwear additives, possible weaknesses in the metal working process, accurate application.

Deep hole drilling is cutting, and cutting is different from traditional, found in practice: traditional cutting process, work tools, torque of each process is different. And deep hole drill cut in processing early, bit and artifacts a contact, pressure on reached 2000N around, temperature instantaneous increased, requirements by selected oil stick degrees to low, permeability better, cooling sex better, and row chip to smooth; processing end Shi pressure about in 4000N around, if by selected oil of very pressure value (PD) below 4000N or oil in the very pressure agent release speed slow words, so smoke, and bit wear fast is must of has, so select of very pressure agent as long as stick degrees low, and very pressure anti-mill sex high, using " Yida Bo Yun-linear theory ", and detect oil in 2000N-4000N the key action areas can quickly release can be.

Second, the choice of additives

With the continuous development of metal processing technology, and extreme pressure-antiwear additives in the field of metal machining oil's dominance is more and more obvious, drilling and cutting to meet the technological requirements of the sulphide EP additives are rare. Yida much four-ball is Bo-run petrochemical data analysis, years of experience accumulated as well as end-use good customer feedback, YD-3015 (curing fatty acid esters), reconciling deep hole drilling cutting oil the best, most effective vulcanizing additives.

Deep hole drilling process, selection of standard paraffin base oil, YD-3015 just add 4%~7% (with the selected base oils "susceptibility" II related), viscosity adjustment to 10~15 ③ (40 c), no need to compound other EP additives, sufficient to meet production.

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