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Common Problems And Solving Method Of Gear Cutting Oil
Jan 13, 2017

Present situation, market

Metal processing consists of cutting oil and oil products plastic forming oil (such as stamping, drawing oil, drawing oil, etc), cutting oil consumption is the biggest of them, especially related to gear-cutting oil consumption are most common. At present, the domestic car manufacturers, engine plant, precision instrument industry use imported or foreign-owned brands in the domestic production of gear cutting oil, high purchase cost, less flexible, therefore, whether it is from a market perspective, and from a technical point of view, should overcome gear cutting oil difficulties.

Second, case analysis

In gear cutting processing Shi, more put tool while work, all process of torque different, requirements match oil must in processing full stage are to play role, so very pressure anti-mill agent of category more full, and proportion more high oil of using effect on more good, tool wear fast, and artifacts finish poor problem main occurred in processing in the late, this interval is physical lubrication to chemical lubrication transition of process, so requirements lubricants in the of very pressure anti-mill agent this interval of release to fast stable.

Now I am in a lot of gear cutting oil to solve problems for customers with examples.

Gear-cutting oil samples from: a blending plant in Hangzhou, offers customers can now also be used in conjunction with base oil;

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