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Cause Of Industrial Gear Oils Deterioration Of What Are The Reasons?
Nov 03, 2017

Cause of Industrial Gear Oils deterioration of what are the reasons?
Industrial Gear Oils As engine operating time increases, oil is contaminated by factors such as high temperature oxidation, wear of mechanical parts and fuel vapor corrosion. In addition, the engine oil in normal use also contains a certain amount of consumption. Therefore, we must regularly check the level of oil and its pollution level, to ensure that the engine in good working conditions. So, what factors will make Industrial Gear Oils deterioration pollution?
When Industrial Gear Oils machine appears wet cylinder liner perforation, cylinder liner water ring damage, oil radiator damage, cylinder pad damage, cylinder head damage and other reasons, the cooling water will enter the oil, the oil emulsified and deteriorated. This situation can be observed by observing whether excessive cooling fluid consumption, whether the oil emulsified water and other phenomena to determine. Oil contains moisture, will speed up the formation of sludge, oil tarnish metamorphism (commonly known as aging), then the antioxidant and dispersion properties of additives weakened, and led to the formation of foam, the oil into an emulsion, destroyed the oil film. Experiments show that when the water reaches 1%, the wear rate will increase 2.5 times.
Industrial Gear Oils machine work, there will always be part of the combustible gas and exhaust through the piston ring and cylinder wall clearance into the crankcase, if the piston ring is severely damaged, the phenomenon will be more serious. The fuel vapor entering the crankcase condenses and will dilute the oil, acid and water vapor in the exhaust gas to erode the part, causing the machine to not gradually dilute, age and coking to degrade oil performance. In addition, the gas entering the crankcase will increase the temperature and pressure in the tank, resulting in the oozing of oil from the oil seal, liner, etc. Due to the reciprocating motion of the piston, the pressure of the gas in the crankcase periodically changes, affecting the normal of the engine When working, the oil in the crankcase will run up to the combustion chamber and cylinder head cover if it is serious. To this end, Industrial Gear Oils machine specially provided ventilation tube (breathing tube), so that the pressure inside and outside the crankcase in balance, thereby extending the use of oil. When the crankcase ventilation holes or gas resistance, it will accelerate the oxidation of oil deterioration.
The main reason for overheating Industrial Gear Oils engine is insufficient cooling water, too many scale in the cooling system, failure of the water pump to interrupt the cooling water circulation, blockage of the radiator, the radiator cover and the thermostat, the loose or broken fan belt, Large load hot season running for a long time, the impact of the combustion chamber coke and oil system caused by insufficient oil. When the Industrial Gear Oils overheating, it will cause the oil temperature, thereby accelerating the deterioration of oil aging. Industrial Gear Oils machine oil at high temperature, high pressure work, the deterioration of its anti-oxidation stability, exacerbating the thermal decomposition, oxidation and polymerization process. In the case of high temperatures, the oil mixes with incompletely burned products, condensed water vapor, and dust entrained in the intake air, resulting in faster deterioration of the engine oil.
In the replacement of oil, if you do not clean the lubrication system or did not carefully clean the crankcase, oil filter or oil radiator cleaning is not thorough or missing the oil filter gasket, the Industrial Gear Oils machine after adding new oil , Even if the use of time is short (only a few hours), but also make the oil was re-contaminated with residual contaminants, thus accelerating the deterioration of oil.
Different grades of oil, in addition to its different viscosity levels, the composition of the chemical composition is also different, mainly composed of oil additives and the number of different varieties. In general, the varieties and quality grades of the oil are divided according to the variety and quantity of the additive components. Because different types of additives have different chemical properties, the oils with different additive types can not be mixed, otherwise, Additives chemical reaction, the use of Industrial Gear Oils sharp decline in performance, accelerated deterioration.

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